Imran Khan

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Khan, Imran

(Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi), 1952–, Pakistani cricketer and political leader, b. Lahore, grad. Oxford. He began playing cricket as a teenager, was on the Oxford cricket team (1973–75), then joined the Pakistan national cricket team (1976), becoming captain (1982) and leading the team to a World Cup title (1992), after which he retired. Khan founded the political party Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI; Pakistan Justice Movement) in 1996 and was elected to the national assembly (2002–7, 2013–). An outspoken critic of government corruption and Pakistan's involvement is the U.S. "war on terror," he has been accused of being too friendly with Pakistan's powerful military. In 2018 the PTI won a plurality of parliamentary seats, and he became prime minister of a coalition government. Khan is also a prominent philanthropist, and has written several books.


See his autobiography (1983, with P. Murphy).

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He said Imran Khan always spoke according to the demand of time and space while respecting institutions and democracy.
PM Imran Khan, he added, could convey a very strong message in front of whole world at Oval Office that in a way, US finally accepted the stance of Imran Khan, with regard to war on terror, which lies in peaceful resolution by involving Taliban.
The first visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to America is taking place at a time when US and Taliban dialogue is not yielding very positive results and when Pakistani opposition parties especially the Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) are raising hue and cry about the accountability process in Pakistan.
How ridiculous it is that Imran Khan who calls his rivals thieves and robbers is so much scared of this word, she held.
Commenting of MQM-PTI alliance, PM Imran Khan said the two parties will contest next elections jointly.
It was just a hard historical fact which Imran Khan can never deny.
He said that Imran Khan gave him his personal number to call him whenever he finds him doing something wrong.
Imran Khan and Dr Mahathir then proceeded for a four-eyed meeting to review the existing bilateral relations and cooperation between both countries as well as identify new areas for future collaboration.
The participants said they were confident that Imran Khan and his government would bring real, positive changes in the people's lives, especially those living in tribal districts, through massive socioeconomic reforms.
Abeer Naqvi said that every Pakistani was overjoyed over the wearing of Pakistani dress by Prime Minister Imran Khan during his meeting with US President.
During lunch on Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan and Russian President Vladimir Putin also sat next to each other and continued to be engaged in conversation.
While talking to visitors at Kot Lakhpat prison, he said he is not a seer or a fortuneteller but he knows Imran Khan's downfall is imminent.