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(1) In man, excessive consumption of food. In a healthy person, polyphagia may be caused by increased requirements for energy and protein after strenuous physical work, infection, or a lengthy period of undernourishment. It may also be caused by such diseases as diabetes mellitus and diffuse toxic goiter. In addition, the condition may result from false hunger, caused by inadequate stimulation of the part of the hypothalamus regulating food intake, as with, for example, neuroses or dementia. Polyphagia sometimes intensifies into bulimia.

(2) In animals, the ability to be nourished by various plant and animal fodders. In this sense, polyphagia is the opposite of oligo-phagy.

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One of the downsides of the Celtic Tiger was the increased appetite for this highly addictive white powder.
Nicotine withdrawal symptoms include irritability, craving, cognitive and attention deficits, sleep disturbances, and increased appetite.
Retail shares were given a boost today amid signs that shoppers were showing increased appetite for Christmas purchases.
de Haast said, "In our latest research, the Hotel Investment Sentiment Survey, we have noted an increased appetite of owners to sell hotel assets which should see activity remaining strong.
She said: "I'm currently planning my return with English accent intact, a new album on the way and a greatly increased appetite for all things British - Tetley's and PG Tips, crumpets and proper bacon.
Customers with credit cards were showing an increased appetite for loans and sales had returned to the record level seen in the first half.
PMS-Type C: craving for sweets, increased appetite, headaches, pounding heart, fatigue, tremulousness (internal or external shakiness).
Symptoms of hyperthyroidism include loss of energy in particular with exercise, increased heart rate, sweating, weight loss despite increased appetite, and muscle weakness.
We vastly exceeded that in 1999, in some degree due to the market's increased appetite for risk, as well as the fallout from the Asian and Russian economic crises," Riccio said.
Some children have an increased appetite after a tonsillectomy because it is easier for them to swallow.
All four soups will appeal to America's increased appetite for spicier, seasoned foods and more ethnic dishes.

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