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The middle one of three ossicles in the middle ear. Also known as anvil.
A supplementary cloud feature peculiar to cumulonimbus capillatus; the spreading of the upper portion of cumulonimbus when this part takes the form of an anvil with a fibrous or smooth aspect. Also known as anvil; thunderhead.
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(also anvil), the middle auditory ossicle in mammals. The incus is homologous to the quadrate bone in lower vertebrates. Located in the cavity of the middle ear, it articulates with the malleus at its external end and with the stapes at its internal end. The incus, malleus, and stapes participate in the transmission of sound from the outer ear to the inner ear.

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Types of the ossicular injuries include incudostapedial joint separation; incudomalleolar joint separation; incus dislocation; malleoincudal complex dislocation; stapediovestibular dislocation; and fractures of malleus, incus, and stapes (1).
Incus was intact in 6 (5.9%) patients, lenticular process erosion was observed in 3 (2.9%) patients, long process of incus was necrosed in 81 (79.4%) patients and body of incus was destroyed in 12 (11.8%) patients.
Conclusion: As it does not have any additional cost and is easily shaped and biocompatibility problem is not encountered; we recommend using incus interposition primarily in incus defects.
Thus the first structure which was cut horizontally is the tip of the short crus of the incus and the pars flaccida of the tympanic membrane.
ams will take full ownership of Incus, including all of its patent-protected IP.
Or the use of glass ionomer cement to repair incus long process defects is a suitable method that improves hearing in pediatric patients [12].
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Austin in 1971 classified ossicular defects into group A having malleus and stapes intact and erosion of long process of incus being the most common defect, [3] group B with only malleus and absent stapes, group C with only stapes and absent malleus, group D with absent malleus and stapes suprastructure.
Examination revealed an effusion in the left middle ear with a Sade grade 2 pars tensa retraction and a Tos stage 4 self-cleansing attic retraction pocket; an erosion of the long process of the incus was also observed (figure).
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