largest lake in Myanmar, c.100 sq mi (250 sq km), in Kachin State, 65 mi (105 km) WSW of Myitkyina. Indawgyi has a maximum length of 15 mi (24 km) and maximum width of 8 mi (13 km). The lake is surrounded by thickly wooded hills and is part of the Indawgyi Wildlife Sanctuary; it is an important stopover for migratory birds. The Shwemyitzu Pagoda, located within the lake, is draws some 80,000 pilgrims to its annual festival. In recent years the lake has been threatened by silt and mercury pollution from mining, illegal logging, and overfishing and illegal fishing.
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Funded by Germany through the KfW, the Small Grants Programme started in 2014 with its first phase being implemented in two of Indonesia's AHP-Gunung Leuser National Park and Way Kambas National Park-and Myanmar's Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park; Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary; Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary; and Nat Ma Taung National Park, which are also AHPs.
The next day, my family and I left our little river boat to head towards Indawgyi Lake.
Early the next morning, my dad and I took a noisy boat across Indawgyi Lake as a cool mist covered the water.
From street food on the crowded sidewalks of Mandalay to bike rides on the dirt roads of Indawgyi, I had an incredible time in this country full of friendly people.
* Fauna and Flora International ( They help fishing communities of Indawgyi hake.
Myanmar's Lake Indawgyi is a potential holiday paradise.
Biodiversity: Indawgyi Lake hosts endangered and critically endangered species like the yellow tortoise and Myanmar box turtle
The government in Yangon is now allowing nongovernmental organizations and Burmese people to cooperate in environmental projects, including around Lake Indawgyi in the far north of the country.