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(organic chemistry)
C9H8 A colorless, liquid, polynuclear hydrocarbon; boils at 181°C and freezes at -2°C; derived from coal tar distillates; copolymers with benzofuran have been manufactured on a small scale for use in coatings and floor coverings.



an aromatic hydrocarbon; a colorless liquid with a melting point of −2.6°C and a boiling point of 182.4 C. Indene is insoluble in water, is readily soluble in alcohol and ether, and polymerizes readily.

Small quantities of indene are contained in coal tar, from which it can be isolated easily; it is also found in petroleum and certain essential oils. Indene is primarily used for the preparation of coumarone-indene resins.

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Therefore, copolymers of alkyl methacrylates with stabilizing comonomers (such as styrene, dicyclopentadiene, indene, tetradecene and maleic anhydride) are used to modify the polymer structure, with a favorable effect on thermomechanical and degradation behavior.
For example, approximately 1000 PAHs, from indene to pentamethylchrysene, have been identified in cigarette smoke.
The HPTC has a molecular formula (C10H5Cl7) IUPAC name is 1456788- heptachloro-3a477a-tetra-hydro-47-methano-1H- indene and molecular weight (MW) 373.
These phenomena were also observed in the bromination of indene carried out by Balci et.
0 ml) was added dropwise a solution of indene (50 mg, 0.
Some typical active ingredients are ester plasticizers, coumarone indene resin, epoxy resins, waxes, petrolatum, liquid polymers, antioxidants, peptizers, coagents, process oils, adhesion promoters and more.
While rosin derivatives and coumarone indene resins were originally used with natural rubber, the picture has changed drastically with the advent of synthetic rubbers, their blends, etc.
Table 5 - OTR tread formulation Additive phr Natural rubber 100 N-220 carbon black 45 Silica 15 Zinc oxide 5 Stearic acid 2 Aromatic oil 3 Cumarone indene resin 3 Antiozonant 1.
Liquid hydrocarbon resins, such as coumarone indene resins, are suggested for improving tack of CSM and NBR [refs.
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