Independent Suspension

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independent suspension

[‚in·də′pen·dənt sə′spen·chən]
(mechanical engineering)
In automobiles, a system of springs and guide links by which wheels are mounted independently on the chassis.
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Independent Suspension


a system in which each wheel of a motor vehicle is suspended from the frame or under-frame independently of any other. It is used mainly for the front axle of passenger cars; much less frequently, it is used for both axles of passenger cars or for all axles of trucks.

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The first car to be supported by the independent suspension on all four wheels was Fiat's 8V.
The chassis on the new Sportsman 570 EFI is a combination of old-school MacPherson struts on the front with independent suspension at the rear, and the ride is smooth.
This effectively brings us to the development of the damper and the reason why the development of independent suspension was so delayed.
The team comprises former MotoGP rider, Jurgen Van der Goorbergh and European Touring Car Champion, Tim Coronel on Hayabusa-engined buggies, alongside Kees Koolen and Sebastian Hussaini on Honda TRX 700 quads, chosen for their reliability and independent suspension.
That pioneering three-door model - its name standing for Recreational Active Vehicle 4-wheel drive - was quite different from traditional 4x4s, being conceived as an "urban" all-wheel drive vehicle with a monocoque chassis rather than body-on-frame construction, and independent suspension. Power came from a relatively small 2.0-litre, transverse mounted petrol engine.
Up front, there is a new independent suspension with redesigned upper control arms, aluminum lower control arms, and retuned geometry with coil springs.
Independent suspension on all four wheels gives it a head start in the handling stakes, manifesting itself in a more supple, fluid feel on the road.
What made the Atalanta stand out, and unique for a British-built car, is that it had four-wheel independent suspension, which meant that it handled and rode well.
All Subaru mini cars were well received with their unique engineering and product features such as 4-wheel independent suspension, 4-cylinder engine, Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), and 4-wheel drive system.
The company solved this with an independent suspension and four-wheel drive.
The RG41 wheeled armoured combat vehicle features a unique modular mine protected design and integrated independent suspension and driveline.

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