indeterminate sentence

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indeterminate sentence:

see paroleparole
, in criminal law, release from prison of a convict before the expiration of his term on condition that his activities be restricted and that he report regularly to an officer.
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; sentencesentence,
in criminal law, punishment that a court orders, imposed on a person convicted of criminal activity. Sentences typically consist of fines, corporal punishment, imprisonment for varying periods including life, or capital punishment, and sometimes combine two or more
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As a result of the offence, Mullen has been recalled to prison to continue serving his indeterminate sentence - and it will be up to the Parole Board to decide when he is released.
The stark contrast in consequences between those serving determinate sentences and those serving indeterminate sentences does more than just create tension among inmates.
"But at your counsel's wish I'm going to order a report and postpone sentencing because you are at risk of an indeterminate sentence."
Wheatley, who was given 13 life sentences in 2002 for a series of brutal raids on banks, is one of more than 1,200 open prison inmates serving an indeterminate sentence.
He was given an indeterminate sentence in May 2007 for public protection with a minimum of three years for a robbery in Middlesbrough in January 2007.
PS50m Possible cost of compensation to prisoners 6,017 Prisoners currently serving an indeterminate sentence
A PRISONER serving an indeterminate sentence for the protection of the public was on the run last night after two prison officers were threatened at gunpoint, sources said.
At the time, when Owen's "indeterminate sentence" with a minimum of three years (minus the year that he spent in prison waiting for trial) was first handed down, the entire country was up in arms.
Judge John Reddihough sentenced Bryant to an indeterminate sentence of imprisonment for public protection with a minimum term of seven years.He said it may be that Bryant is never considered safe for release.
Those sentenced to an indeterminate sentence of Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) have no automatic right to be released.
Gang boss Walsh, 40, was given an indeterminate sentence to protect the public.
He was originally given an indeterminate sentence. Now he's won an appeal and been given six years by three judges which means he might be free in around 15 months.