Index Librorum Prohibitorum

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Index Librorum Prohibitorum


(Index of Forbidden Books), an official list, published by the Vatican, of books which the Catholic Church forbade its members to read upon threat of excommunication.

The Index was first issued as directed by Pope Paul IV in 1559. It was reissued more than 40 times (the latest edition dates from 1948), and during this process it was systematically enlarged.

The Index listed many of the finest creations of human thought, such as the works of G. Bruno, T. Hobbes, and Voltaire. In.the hands of the Catholic Church the Index was one of the means used in the struggle against science, as well as against progressive and revolutionary views. In 1966 publication of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum in its previous form was ceased. At the same time the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and conferences of bishops were charged with the task of keeping track of new editions of books and with warning church members against reading books not approved by the church.

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Index librorum prohibitorum

list of forbidden books compiled by Roman Catholic Church. [Christian Hist.: NCE, 1323]
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Quod si quis libros haereticorum, vel cujusvis auctoris scripta, ob haeresim, vel ob falsi dogmatis sispicionem damnata, atque prohibita legerity, sive habuerit, statim in excommunicationem sententiam incurrat.""Regula X," Regulae indicis Synodi Tridentinae jussu editae, in Index librorum prohibitorum (Romae, 1843), 14.
Why include a "Summary of the Politica" (205-13) when Lipsius provides an overview of the Ordo et index librorum singillatim et capitum (240-54, with translation)?
English practices are thus sharply distinguished from the dominant Continental practices exemplified by the Index librorum prohibitorum, though both systems derive from Roman law and are modified by medieval canonical, civil, and theological interventions.
On a serious note, the works of most of the philosophers mentioned above were officially banned by the Catholic church and included in the Index of Prohibited Books (or Index Librorum Pohibitorum, to give it its impressive Latin name.)
Dante, who had written the Monarchia as a "publicist document intended for pragmatic effect in both the political and spiritual arenas" (40), would have never expected to see his work placed on the Index librorum prohibitorum by the Tridentine Council in 1564, where it stayed until 1881!
Bishop Arethas and other Byzantines regarded him as the Anti-Christ; he was included in the first edition of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum (1557); on September 3, 1766, he was the protagonist villain in a musical drama called 'Lucian of Samosata the Hapless Atheist' presented by the Jesuit School at Regenshurg; Lord Macaulay dubbed him 'The Voltaire of Antiquity'.
1571 Pope Paul IV issues the first formal Index Librorum Prohibitorum, or Index of Prohibited Books.
A wholesale evaluation took place that began with the two volumes of Benedikt Sattler's (a Bavarian professor of theology) Antikant, which appeared in 1788, and was sealed by the insertion of the Critique of Pure Reason in the Index librorum prohibitorum in 1827 (p.