India Ink

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india ink

[′in·dē·ə ′iŋk]
A permanent black ink made of lampblack and blue binder; some varieties are waterproof. Also known as Chinese ink; sumi ink.

India Ink


a black pigment that, unlike many others, does not fade with time; when greatly diluted with water it has a gray shade. It is used for sketching and drawing with pen and brush and for shading, inking in, and washing.

In ancient times, india ink was the favorite material for writing, drawing, and painting in China; from there it spread to Korea, Japan, and, in the 15th to 17th centuries, Europe. It was made from the soot obtained by burning softwoods, vegetable oils, and resins. Lampblack, and soot made by burning oil and its products, have also been used in the 20th century. In addition to liquid india ink there are also solid cakes, which are ground to powder and mixed with water before use. Analogous colored pigments made from coal-tar dyes are also called india ink.

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India ink microscopy was performed on sediment obtained after centrifugation of 1 mL of CSF.
Practice together using India ink, water, and newsprint.
We liked what we saw from India Ink and the glass block accessories from Croscill.
Use watered-down black India ink and bamboo brushes to begin the practice stage.
An alternative would be to have students paint designs or pictures using India Ink, which is waterproof, again leaving numbers of open spaces, when dry, watercolor or waterproof ink may be used to add color.
Featuring delicate gestures and lines in charcoal, india ink, and Conte crayon, often made with drafting instruments, many of these works have also been cut, sanded, and reconfigured like neoconstructivist jigsaw puzzles.
A brief history of India ink sets the stage for a pen and ink drawing lesson.
So it's no surprise that India Ink, the mid-size apparel, bed, bath and decorative pillow manufacturer, is located-on the West Coast.
To emphasize their details and three-dimensional quality, as well as to give them an attractive patina, the suits of armor were painted with black India ink.
These swirling, brightly colored strokes against the whiteness of the wall were echoed by the knotty, ligneous shapes of tree roots collected on the battlefield of Verdun and covered in india ink (Sans titre [Untitled], 2000).
presents Black and Velvet India Ink, a smooth-flowing, clump-free ink that can be used for brushes and pens.
It has agreements with Pillowtex and its Beacon division for basic bedding; with Newmark for rugs, and with India Ink for selected accessories.

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