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india ink

[′in·dē·ə ′iŋk]
A permanent black ink made of lampblack and blue binder; some varieties are waterproof. Also known as Chinese ink; sumi ink.
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India Ink


a black pigment that, unlike many others, does not fade with time; when greatly diluted with water it has a gray shade. It is used for sketching and drawing with pen and brush and for shading, inking in, and washing.

In ancient times, india ink was the favorite material for writing, drawing, and painting in China; from there it spread to Korea, Japan, and, in the 15th to 17th centuries, Europe. It was made from the soot obtained by burning softwoods, vegetable oils, and resins. Lampblack, and soot made by burning oil and its products, have also been used in the 20th century. In addition to liquid india ink there are also solid cakes, which are ground to powder and mixed with water before use. Analogous colored pigments made from coal-tar dyes are also called india ink.

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neoformans, the tests included the India ink, culture, and gram stain procedures.
India ink for tattooing of the gastrointestinal tract was first used in the colon, where it was shown to be a safe procedure with a clinical complication rate below 1% [1, 3].
Complications associated with India ink tattooing include abscesses, inflammatory pseudotumor, focal peritonitis, and peritoneal staining. recently initiated a regular Choice-branded feature on India Ink to extend its expertise about the admissions process to students and their families in India.
Sixty-seven (90.5%) of the 74 samples were positive on India ink examination; median CSF white blood cell (WBC) count was 20 cells/ml (IQR 4-56), and 22 (29.7%) had a WBC count <5/ml.
There are only two colors in this drawing, india ink and red pencil or possibly wax crayon.
Now he plans to break out some more India ink if he strikes gold in Delhi.
In 1926 Kammerer fell into disgrace when it was found that his only remaining fixed specimen had been injected with India ink to produce the appearance of the black nuptial pads.
I did one on him, too: I was sober and it came out way better Safety pin, black India ink, and a little piece of thread wrapped around the safety pin.
(3) In conjunction with a group of assistants, he created pastel, crayon, india ink, and oil portraits of many of Philadelphia's leading citizens.
Each one is a unique silkscreen print with applied India ink brushwork.
Conventional methods such as culture and India ink are specific but cumbersome and time consuming.

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