Indian Arrival Day

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Indian Arrival Day

May 30
The people of Trinidad and Tobago observe May 30 as Indian Arrival Day. This holiday honors the nation's citizens of Indian descent and acknowledges their contribution to the social and cultural landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. In particular, it recalls the arrival of the first boats from India in 1845. The boats brought poor people who were made to work as indentured servants, thereby filling the need for cheap labor created by the emancipation of the nation's African slaves in 1838.
The holiday grew out of an observance organized by Indian social activists in 1977, who used the festival to counter anti-Indian prejudice and to encourage ethnic pride in Trinidad's citizens of Indian descent. It was later adopted as a national observance. Today the holiday is celebrated with reenactments of the arrival of the first ships bringing Indians to Trinidad, parades honoring the history of the nation's Indian citizens and their festivals, and various cultural events.
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Nevada (US), May 28 (ANI): Hindus have sent greetings to Trinidad and Tobago, one of the wealthiest nations in the Caribbean, as it celebrates "Indian Arrival Day" on May 30.
"Indian Arrival Day" commemorates the arrival of the first Indian indentured laborers from India to Trinidad on May 30, 1845 on the ship Fatel Razack.

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