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see Young Men's Christian AssociationYoung Men's Christian Association,
(the Y or YMCA), organization having as its objective the development of values and behaviors that are consistent with Christian principles.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The Christian Church has a continuous history of urban outreach. From the time the apostle Paul took his message to the cities of the Roman Empire right up to presentday evangelists such as Billy Graham, there have been people dedicated to converting the teeming masses of the city.

One of these was Sir George Williams (1821-1905). In 1844, a meeting with twelve young men in his London apartment sparked the Young Men's Christian Association. From its first organizational meetings, Bible studies, and lectures at Exeter Hall, Williams, soon known as the driving force of the YMCA, was criticized because of his single-minded purposefulness and intolerance of smoking and games, along with his strict temperance code.

In 1855, with the adoption of a statement of faith they called the Paris Basis and strengthened by the Second Evangelical Awakening, the YMCA, now joined by the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA), appeared ready to become another Protestant evangelical urban movement. By 1878 William Booth's Salvation Army seemed to fit the same mold with the same mission.

But something happened over the years. Gradually, recreational and relief work rose to replace evangelical concern. The familiar red triangle became well known to soldiers during war years. Hostels, gymnasiums, youth camps, and vocational training schools sprang up in American cities, the scene of its present strength. Today almost six million people avail themselves of YMCA/YWCA resources, most not even thinking about the organization's evangelical roots.

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Instead, I suspect, written records of the activities of the individual groups were simply not preserved for a variety of practical and political reasons, including the changes wrought by Independence and Partition and the amalgamation of the Indian Scouts and Guides into a single coeducational body in 1951--an organization that, I suspect, was not especially interested in locating and preserving documents produced mainly by white women during the early twentieth-century period that Indian Guide leader Lakshmi Mazumdar, writing in the 1960s, called "a bitter struggle" for "national liberation" (38).
So while promoting its purpose, the Y continues to offer programs like youth soccer and Adventure Guides, the updated Indian Guides program.
American Indian guides lead hour-long "highlight" tours three times each day.
GUARAN ( the Amazonian energy seed taken by Lisa on her trip to give her the energy to keep up with her native Indian guides.
Indian guides were particularly recommended for their unique skills and the traveller is reassured that the Prairie Indians are simple folk at heart: 'They are strangers to all cares, creating for themselves no artificial wants, and are perfectly happy and contented so long as buffalo is found within the limits of their wanderings.
I look forward to starting YMCA Indian Guides with my son this fall.
He made his premier wilderness excursion with his older brother, and trekked with friends and Indian guides in later years.
YMCA INDIAN GUIDES The group follows the YMCA policy, which states that access to members and employees shall be "without discrimination on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, or national origin.
They had bid farewell to their Indian guides and pack animals several weeks before, opting to slog it through the jungle and hunt on the move, rather than travel by river as the local Indians chose to do.
Beset by storms, lost and starving, they, too, were forced into cannibalism, some of the men killing and eating the Indian guides.
A party of eight men, five women, and two Indian guides set out for help.
Film crews need lumber, carpenters, extras, teamsters, motels, cowboys, livestock, and Indian guides.