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see Young Men's Christian AssociationYoung Men's Christian Association,
(the Y or YMCA), organization having as its objective the development of values and behaviors that are consistent with Christian principles.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The Christian Church has a continuous history of urban outreach. From the time the apostle Paul took his message to the cities of the Roman Empire right up to presentday evangelists such as Billy Graham, there have been people dedicated to converting the teeming masses of the city.

One of these was Sir George Williams (1821-1905). In 1844, a meeting with twelve young men in his London apartment sparked the Young Men's Christian Association. From its first organizational meetings, Bible studies, and lectures at Exeter Hall, Williams, soon known as the driving force of the YMCA, was criticized because of his single-minded purposefulness and intolerance of smoking and games, along with his strict temperance code.

In 1855, with the adoption of a statement of faith they called the Paris Basis and strengthened by the Second Evangelical Awakening, the YMCA, now joined by the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA), appeared ready to become another Protestant evangelical urban movement. By 1878 William Booth's Salvation Army seemed to fit the same mold with the same mission.

But something happened over the years. Gradually, recreational and relief work rose to replace evangelical concern. The familiar red triangle became well known to soldiers during war years. Hostels, gymnasiums, youth camps, and vocational training schools sprang up in American cities, the scene of its present strength. Today almost six million people avail themselves of YMCA/YWCA resources, most not even thinking about the organization's evangelical roots.

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So while promoting its purpose, the Y continues to offer programs like youth soccer and Adventure Guides, the updated Indian Guides program.
But this was Jose Hualinga, shaman of the birds, Amazonia's great native bird guide, and mentor to all aspiring local Indian guides.
She made up her own six-page picture story booklet about the Loyalists to give to the students, and discussed the Loyalist migration into Quebec and Nova Scotia, the creation of New Brunswick and Ontario, the North West Company, western exploration (with the Indian guides and French Canadian coureurs des bois), and gave examples of some of the many accomplishments of Sir Alexander MacKenzie and Simon Fraser.
The busy teacher is not only a practicing chiropractor, but he heads the honor society on his campus and is the chief of his son's Indian Guides tribe.
Dennis is a Southlake resident, (Nation Chief) YMCA Indian Guides Program, (President-elect) American Heart Assn.
After weeks on the road, the commander of the British forces heard of their unhappy plight and sent soldiers and Indian guides to take charge of them.
William Foster gunned down the group's two Miwok Indian guides, known only as Luis and Salvador, ostensibly because they were considered more expendable than the white members of the group.
Unlike the Boy or Girls Scouts, the Indian Guides and Princesses don't earn merit patches, but their activities are similar.
will hold special recruitment nights for its Indian Guides and Indian Maiden programs Aug.
color) Eight-year-old Stephen Coler, left, of Camarillo, gets a face full of snow while exchanging snowballs with George Perry, 8, on Saturday, during an Indian Guides outing at Frazier Park.
For much of the Simi YMCA's history, the facility has been little more than a storefront from which they operate programs such as Indian Guides, karate and gymnastics lessons.
He also spent 15 years in the local YMCA's Indian Guides and Indian Princesses programs, where parents chaperone their children in camp outs and character-building projects.