Indian oak

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A dark golden yellow or brown wood with a greenish or black cast, found in southeastern Asia, India, and Burma; moderately hard, coarse-grained, very durable; oil which it contains gives it a greasy feeling and makes it immune to the attack of insects; used for exterior construction, plywood, and decorative paneling; also called Indian oak.
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Katherina Liwanag, regional supervisor for Indian Oaks, said the complex has a 2 percent vacancy rate on average and units generally are either pre-rented or remain on the market for only about a week.
Low-income residents in the Indian Oaks and Creekside Village apartment complexes may get a break on rent for two years, as the city reviews its affordable housing agreement with the developer.
The Creekside Village bonds have 15 more years in which to be repaid, and those for Indian Oaks are to remain active for the next 17 years.
5 million in bonds under its municipal status to build the 254-unit Indian Oaks complex, located on Cochran Street.
We're getting tons of phone calls,'' said Jenks, who manages the Indian Oaks complex on Cochran Street.
On June 7, outside the Indian Oaks Apartments where Marcom has lived for the past five years, she drove off without realizing she had left the photo album on the top of her car.
Hughes rode in the Indian Oaks yesterday, finishing fifth, and heads back to South Africa to continue his holiday.
Today Hughes flies to Bombay to ride in the Indian Oaks, returning to the Cape on Monday.
Francis Norton notched a lucrative double last weekend, partnering Royal Russian to a 70-1 success in the Romanov Bangalore Derby on Saturday and then winning the Nanoli Stud Indian Oaks aboard Pleasure Hunt the following day.
Hughes was also on the mark at Mahalakshmi last Sunday, but it was his colleague Paul Eddery who took the honours in the feature race, the Indian Oaks.

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