Indian paintbrush

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Indian paintbrush:

see figwortfigwort,
common name for some members of the Scrophulariaceae, a family comprising chiefly herbs and small shrubs and distributed widely over all continents. The family includes a few climbing types and some parasitic and saprophytic forms.
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Indian paintbrush

of Wyoming. [Flower Symbolism: Golenpaul, 646]
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Said Goodman, "Along with our partners at Indian Paintbrush, we are extremely pleased to be a part of such a great movie, and look forward to working with Drake, Jonathan, Andrea and a tremendous cast of actors.
We read The Indian Paintbrush by Tomie de Paola, which inspired the children to create a work of art using the colors of a sunset.
Talk about the colors of the Indian paintbrush plants, and the related stories.
Tomie de Paola: The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush The Legend of the Bluebonnet The Legend of Old Befana
E[acute accent]As the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush begin to fade, the region will experience other blooms and colors.
In the summer, the Shrine Mountain Trail is full of yellow daisies, coral-colored Indian paintbrush and more.
In the Lakes Basin, Round Lake loop delivers bouquets of wildflowers--mountain lupine, Indian paintbrush, columbine.
In the Willamette National Forest, there's always something blooming, from spring through fall, whether it's the pale violet of wild iris, the voluptuous pink of wild rhododendrons (indigenous in Oregon), the volatile orange of Indian paintbrush or the rock-loving varieties of penstemon.
On the final day of February, wildflowers were showing off colors of white, yellow, purple and red, blending easily with the bright orange of California poppies and the red of Indian paintbrush.
1977 First plant species are listed as endangered--San Clemente Island Indian paintbrush, San Clemente Island larkspur, San Clemente Island broom, and San Clemente Island bush-mallow.
Springtime meadows in the lofty Seven Devils range take on purple and red tones from lupine and Indian paintbrush.
Among his most popular books is The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush, the companion to the Legend of the Bluebonnet, a moving story of Little Gopher, who follows his destiny of becoming an artist for his people.

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