Indian rice

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Indian rice:

see wild ricewild rice,
tall aquatic plant (Zizania aquatica) of the family Poaceae (grass family), of a genus separate from common rice (Oryza). Wild rice (called also Canada rice, Indian rice, and water oats) is a hardy annual with broad blades, reedy stems, and large
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The Indian rice has been put on offer at shops at lower rates due to decrease in demand in England.
Bangladeshi rice had the lowest lead concentration which was followed by Pakistani, Chinese, Australian and Indian rice, arranged in increasing order of concentration.
All Indian rice samples failed the cooking test, while five Chinese rice samples as well as a Vietnamese rice sample were accepted.
Export prices for rice surged to a near four-year high in Vietnam this week due to strong demand, while slow buying interest put pressure on prices of Indian rice.
Kedgeree thought to have originated with the Indian rice and beans or rice and lentil dish khichri, traced back to 1340 or earlier.
Pakistan can enhance its rice export to EU from 150,000 tonnes to 350,000 tonnes, grabbing the share of 200,000 tonnes of Indian rice export to EU which may be stopped due to strict regulations.
Due to the excessive pesticide residue found in Indian rice, she would loose European countries markets.
He also presented two Indian rice seed varieties to the IRRI gene bank.
Add the fruit salt and mix well just before steaming the mixture in idli (Indian rice cake) moulds.
Indian rice has dropped 9 percent, but was increased in the Kingdom gradually at the beginning of this month.
Dosa, which is South Indian rice and lentil crepe, served with potato masala and loads more.

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