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Using individual development accounts to save for a home: Are there differences by race?
An Exploration into Individual Development Accounts as an Anti-Poverty Strategy.
Saving for development: Intended uses and savings in Individual Development Accounts.
Since 1999, the federal government has funded Individual Development Accounts through the Assets for Independence Act, which to date has granted almost $150 million to local programs.
Seeing the important link between assets and financial well-being, the federal government in 1996 started to encourage Individual Development Accounts (IDAs).
The President's proposal builds on the successful model of Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), extending generous matches to all low- and moderate-income families to encourage them to develop savings and assets (The White House 2000).
Clarke-Gray took advantage of the nonprofit's Individual Development Account program and got the maximum $2,000 matching funds.
Working on the theory that 'knowing how to save is a skill that can be learned, 27 states have (or are creating) individual development accounts (IDAs) that provide matched savings for low-income workers who go through finance training.
WASHINGTON -- Today, Capital Area Asset Builders (CAAB) and Citi Community Development formally announced the new Jobs & Entrepreneurship Stimulus Account (JESA) program, an accelerated Individual Development Account (IDA) savings program for individuals who agree to save $500 towards their small business or job training costs.
Our organization offers an Individual Development Account grant to low-income individuals or households to help start or build their microbusinesses.
The foundation offers an individual development account (IDA) program through Iowa credit unions.
Support for an Individual Development Account program

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