Industrial Aesthetics

Industrial Aesthetics


(production aesthetics). (1) A branch of technical aesthetics that studies general issues involved in shaping the production environment at industrial enterprises and the specific features of aesthetic organization. Research in industrial aesthetics makes use of findings in the theory of architecture, psychophysiology, color studies, light engineering, acoustics, biotechnology, and the various labor sciences. The technological demands of production are also considered.

(2) Practical steps to organize aesthetically the production environment. These steps include the architectural and artistic designing of interiors; the establishment of optimal light, color, and microclimatic conditions; the artistic designing of industrial equipment; the organization of workplaces and the means of visual communication; the planning of the ground. Another component part of these activities is aesthetic organization of the conditions and process of labor by means of rapidly changing environmental elements (variation in the light and color climate and means of information, industrial music), works of art, indoor plantings, and so on. Industrial aesthetics ensures comfortable working conditions, which is one of the tasks of the scientific organization of labor. Its effectiveness is determined by the growth of labor productivity and improvement in the quality of output.

Industrial aesthetics is one of the means of providing moral education for the working people and developing in them an aesthetic attitude toward labor and its results.


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The Temir Zholy JSC says new electric trains meet international standards, all constructive solutions are executed considering the latest trends in industrial aesthetics and fining.
His first career retrospective will demonstrate the ways in which his works have consistently embodied the industrial aesthetics of the local trade.
High-tech industrial aesthetics add a sense of drama and excitement and special lighting frames the view of the lifestyle graphics between the wall fixtures.

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