Industrial Institutes

Industrial Institutes


institutions that prepare engineers for various sectors of the economy. In 1972 there were six industrial institutes in the USSR: the Arsenichev Dneprodzerzhinsk (founded in 1967), Kramatorsk (1963), NoriPsk Evening (1961), Pavlodar (1960), Tiumen’ (1963), and Ukhta (1967) institutes.

The training of engineers in the industrial institutes is conducted in day, evening, and correspondence courses. The length of study is five years, six years if the student does not leave his job while studying. Graduates, after successfully completing their diploma projects, are granted such qualification ratings as mechanical engineer, metallurgical engineer, thermal-energy engineer, electrical engineer, construction engineer, and engineer-economist.

The Tiumen’ Industrial Institute has been granted the right to accept candidates’ dissertations for defense.

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The greater part of my time and strength is required for the executive work connected with the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, and in securing the money necessary for the support of the institution.
He said that the FEDCOC participates in establishing industrial institutes affiliated to the government in order to secure coping with international technologies.
There will also be opportunities for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships with education and industrial Institutes and a chance to meet high-level Indian officials such as government ministers, chamber of commerce chiefs and senior policy makers.
He explained that some of the programs that are being implemented in secondary industrial institutes in Jeddah, where more than 100 training units are working, are for mobile maintenance, customer service, advanced mobile services and sales management.
This EID programme will achieve this by a joint training programme of world class academic and industrial institutes who will provide hands-on training in state of the art research projects related to key fundamental issues that determine the future new therapies of antibacterial biomaterials.
The 132 KV grid station would provide 40megawatt electricity to the industrial institutes located in Pakistan's largest industrial zone M 3 Industrial City established on 4500acre land, he added.
Creating relations between technologists to industrial institutes and investors is the aim of the production of prototypes from laboratorial samples and their presentation in the exhibition.
Each section is told from a different perspective as the friends' passions, deceits, rivalries and disappointments play out against the shifting turmoil of those decades: from the Great Patriotic War and Stalin's Purges, to the industrial institutes and Russification of the '50s and '60s, through to the struggle for independence and violence of the early '90s.
Opening of the colleges will help meet the growing need for resource persons in the vocational industrial institutes and colleges teaching technologies in various regions of the Kingdom.
This in turn has led to improved market share and expanded volume of business by gaining the confidence of all government, financial and industrial institutes," he said.
At the same time, silos and expert fiefdoms, which can easily develop in industrial institutes, are minimized by synergies among the research focus areas.
Finally, there were agricultural and industrial institutes at Katpadi, ea ch with branches for men and boys and women and girls.

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