Industrial Structure

Industrial structure

A building derived from or used for industry or the commercial manufacture of goods. No single building type exists in a greater divergence of scales, styles, shapes, materials and other variables, than industrial structures. From plants no larger than houses, to massive amorphously styled steel mills.

Industrial Structure


a structure designed to fulfill a specific function in industry or to support or house equipment, raw materials, or communication lines. In modern industrial construction, more than 25 percent of the total cost of construction and installation work is attributed to industrial structures.

There are more than 100 different types of industrial structures. They are conventionally divided into the following major groups:

(1) communication structures, including conduits and pipelines for electrical power networks and for transmitting raw materials, tunnels, power transmission line towers, communication line poles, illumination masts, and chimneys;

(2) transportation structures, including overpasses, unloading and crane platforms, and tunnels for conveyors;

(3) tanks for gaseous and liquid products and bulk materials and structures for ventilation, drainage, and water and gas supply systems, including bunkers, gasholders, oil storage tanks, silos, water towers and pressure reservoirs, spray ponds, cooling towers, settling reservoirs, water intake works, and sewage treatment plants;

(4) structures to support and house production machinery, including foundations for equipment and machines, bases for installing industrial apparatus, caissons, and racks.

Industrial structures are most characteristic of the chemical, metallurgical, and mining industries. Their use is steadily rising as a result of the increasing tendency to place industrial equipment in the open areas outside industrial premises and the increasing concentration of equipment in industrial plants. Most industrial structures are predominantly reinforced-concrete and steel structures, including supports, platforms, chimneys, silos, and tanks. In some cases, structures of bonded wood are suitable for platforms and ventilating towers.

Increased efficiency in the construction of industrial structures is achieved by using prefabrications and by standardization of the entire structure or its separate elements. Standard designs have been developed for many industrial structures, which make possible the employment of advanced technical ideas and the most efficient use of existing production facilities in the construction industry.


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Demand for industry services in the non-residential building market is principally determined by long-term trends in employment and industrial structure.
Due to the established industrial structure, the construction of new treatment plants is limited.
Over the past 45 years, the EPZ Administration has consistently transformed and diversified industrial structure in each EPZ from labor-oriented, low-end manufacturing into capital, technology and knowledge-intensive production and ODM (original design manufacturing), so as to attract more private investments in EPZs to effectively drive the growth of Taiwan's economy.
Besides seeking to lower the corporate tax to international standards, the ministry said in its ''Industrial Structure Vision'' for 2010 that it will seek to create a market worth 149 trillion yen by transforming the industrial structure into one that no longer relies too much on the profits of its car industry.
Information solutions provider Experian says Cleveland's industrial structure has been highly unfavourable with negative population growth.
Some recent areas of interest include the impact of taxes on individuals and small businesses, the spread of technology and new goods, the way online competition affects offline industrial structure, and the recent behavior of capital investment.
The report, submitted to the global environment committee in the Industrial Structure Council, an advisory panel to METI head Takeo Hiranuma, asks that such countries join the framework which is planned to be launched after the terms of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol expire in 2012.
Unions always need to run fast simply to stand still as there is a big turnover in membership each year as members retire, new recruits join the workforce and our industrial structure continues to change,'' said TUC general secretary John Monks.
The Industrial Structure Council, which advises the economy, trade and industry minister, made the estimate based on the analysis that Japan's current economic slump is due chiefly to shrinking family spending that stems from uncertainty about the future as well as a lack of new demand.
The Industrial Structure Council, an advisory panel to the METI minister, will begin studying support programs in mid-April to compile recommendations by this fall.

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