Industrial Injury

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Industrial Injury


in Soviet labor law, temporary or persistent damage to health resulting from a work-related accident. Social security allowances for industrial injuries, as for occupational illnesses, are provided on a preferential basis.

Benefits granted to production workers, other employees, and kolkhozniks for temporary disabilities owing to industrial injuries amount to 100 percent of an injured person’s earnings, regardless of length of continuous service or trade union membership. Similarly, pensions for permanent disabilities resulting from industrial injuries are set independently of length of service and are for larger amounts than pensions for permanent disabilities resulting from common illnesses. Also included in this category are pensions granted for loss of a breadwinner whose death was the result of an industrial injury. If the accident resulting in the worker’s industrial injury occurred by fault of an enterprise or institution, the latter must compensate the victim for losses in excess of the amount of benefits received or of the pension granted and actually received after the injury. In case of death, the right to compensation for damages devolves upon any of the victim’s dependents who are unable to work.

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The Scottish Government is looking for people with personal experience of Personal Independence Payment, Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance, Carer's Allowance, Funeral Expenses Payment, Cold Weather Payment, Winter Fuel Payment, and Industrial Injuries Disability Benefit.
Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit is a payment of up to PS174.80 a week.
Industrial injuries disablement benefits, pregnancy and maternity allowances, burial allowances will be paid in line with the effective regulations of two countries.
"No amount of apology will be enough to heal all the insults, the pain of industrial injuries and the suffering of losing oneA's family.
Some PS25 million was sent abroad in employment and support allowance, followed by PS20 million in bereavement benefits, PS16 million for industrial injuries benefits and PS12 million for disability allowance.
For 16 years Brian Matthews, 52, falsely claimed incapacity benefit, industrial injuries benefit, disability living allowance and housing benefit.
Plaid Cymru supported the Government in the vote of no confidence tabled by the Conservative opposition in return for a number of concessions, the most notable of which was a compensation scheme for slate workers who had suffered industrial injuries, something which the then Labour Government with its famed support for the working man had failed to implement.
Also households with someone, including a child, with a current award of disability living allowance, personal independence payment or attendance allowance, or receiving the support component of employment and support allowance or industrial injuries benefits (and those receiving war disablement pension and the equivalent payments from the Armed Forces Compensation Payments Scheme) are exempt from the benefit cap.
Mr Bourne's widow Elaine said her husband had already received Government industrial injuries compensation, and had made a detailed note of when he believed he was exposed to asbestos.
The rule, implemented for the 9th consecutive year, requires employers to provide their workers with shaded places of rest during the recess period and to adopt all the necessary preventive methods and safety rules to protect the workers from industrial injuries and occupational health hazards as per the Labour Law.
"It will also be a tribute to the miners who havea sufferf ed terrible industrial injuries, osteoarthritis, damaged lungs, people who lost their hearing due to the noise of machinery and all the other industrial injuries sufferf ed down the pit."

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