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Moreover, while conscientiousness (Rhodes & Smith, 2006) and industriousness (Bogg, 2008) are associated with exercise, grit may assess traits related to stamina and perseverance better than conscientiousness and industriousness and thus grit may be worth considering in the study of exercise behavior, particularly when exercise is examined with respect to effort and persistence.
I will use the more familiar modern term industriousness instead of industry, but I have the same broad sense of the word in mind.
That being said, a lone beaver's industriousness doesn't really amount to a hill of beans.
We need to learn industriousness and bravery from the Japanese people," Almazbek Atambaev said.
They incorporate numerous, usually tribally specific values, including industriousness, generosity and courage, commitment to the land, spirituality, wisdom and leadership.
Take in the industriousness and hard-working American spirit of Flint.
They are symbols of industriousness in the community," he said.
Ayatollah Khamenei further reminded that defusing the enemy's economic plot against Iran needs industriousness of all Iranian government and private sector managers, director, laborers and capital-holders, and said every one of the people should also display its resolve for combating the enemy through consuming domestic products.
I am sure that even if it involved going down to the Post Office to get a stamp and send off a snail-mail letter, they would still have the industriousness to do so.
A sense of collective industriousness permeates in harmony with the landscape and environment.
Hicks's industriousness and compositional brilliance stem from a life of heterogeneous training: As a child she was taught traditional "woman's work" (needlepoint and sewing); then at Yale she went on to learn loom weaving and painting.

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