Inelastic Scattering

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inelastic scattering

[‚in·ə′las·tik ′skad·ə·riŋ]
Scattering that results from inelastic collisions.

Inelastic Scattering


a collision of particles that is accompanied by a change in the internal state of the particles, conversion into other particles, or the additional production of new particles. Examples of inelastic scattering are the excitation or ionization of atoms during collision, nuclear reactions, the transformations of elementary particles by collision, and the multiple production of particles. Each type (channel) of inelastic scattering has its own minimum (threshold) collision energy, below which a given process is impossible. The total scattering probability when particles collide, which is characterized by a total effective scattering cross section, is the sum of the probabilities of elastic scattering and inelastic scattering; in this case, there exists a relation, given by the so-called optical theorem, between elastic and inelastic processes.

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The basic experiment consists in measuring the spectrum of the scattered light, basically composed by a strong elastic peak at the laser frequency with two additional components whose frequencies have been shifted by the inelastic scattering processes.
2001) Fully state-resolved differential cross sections for the inelastic scattering of the open-shell NO molecule by Ar.
Raman spectroscopy named after its Indian discoverer, essentially uses a monochromatic light or, nowadays, laser to send a beam on to a surface, and the molecules that are excited by the beam send back a proportion of their photons as a weak inelastic scattering, which can then be collected and analysed to determine among others chemical composition.
Next, results obtained for a system of hard spheres are generalized to systems of particles with arbitrary scattering cross section; a system of spheres with inelastic scattering is used as a model of granular flows; and, finally, a solution of the Cauchy problem for the hierarchy in the space of sequences of summable functions is constructed and the stochastic dynamics for granular flows corresponding to the Boltzmann equation is introduced.
Raman scattering distributed temperature sensors, that use the temperature dependence of inelastic scattering on optical phonons,
Then a single photon is introduced into each ensemble with a chance it will collide with one of the Cs atoms through inelastic scattering (i.
Raman Spectroscopy is based on the Raman effect, which is the inelastic scattering of photons by molecules.
These will maintain Canada's capabilities in non-destructive stress-scanning, materials testing, powder diffraction and inelastic scattering with thermal neutrons.
I also continued in gas phase kinetics; theory of unimolecular reactions, quantum theory of inelastic scattering, and anharmonic vibrations in polyatomic molecules.
Auger electron emission occurs within the same excitation volume; however, inelastic scattering in the solid prevents subsurface Auger electrons from contributing to the peaks in the Auger spectrum.
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