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In this article, we examine the role of shipping in the invasive spread of infectious salmon anemia among Scottish salmon farms.
In May 1998, the previously exotic viral disease infectious salmon anemia was detected at a salmon farm in Loch Nevis on the Scottish west coast (7,20,21) (Figure 1).
Well boats and ferries have been suggested as possible routes of introduction of otherwise unexplained outbreaks of infectious salmon anemia in salmon farms in Norway, where the disease has been established since 1984 and has infected 101 fish farms in 1990 alone (27).
Infectious salmon anemia was confirmed if clinical disease was present and ISAV was identified as the causal agent by both pathologic lesions and the presence of virus (28).
Similarly, infectious salmon anemia was introduced to Shetland (21) when a partial load of smolts was brought to the Skye site, contaminating the load intended for shipment to Shetland.

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