Inferior Conjunctions

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Inferior Conjunctions

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Inferior conjunctions are conjunctions between the Sun and the inferior planets in which Mercury or Venus lies between the Sun and Earth. The antonymous expression superior conjunction refers to conjunctions in which Mercury or Venus is located behind the Sun. None of the other planets is capable of inferior conjunctions, because their orbits never carry them between the Sun and Earth.

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Edson wrote that Venus' "best-kept secrets are reserved for the bold few who will gaze into the very eye of the Sun to find her at inferior conjunction, where her outer and diaphanous draperies gleam in the through-shining sunlight ...
For a transit to occur, Venus must reach inferior conjunction within a day of passing through one of its nodes.
Venus reaches inferior conjunction every 584 days (approximately nineteen months) and completes 152 such synodic revolutions in 88,756 days.
Notice too that if an inferior conjunction falls very close to the nodal line, then neither the alignment 8 years earlier nor the one 8 years later will land in the transit zone, so there would be only a single transit in that century.
This is the first time I have observed Venus on the date of an inferior conjunction to the south of the Sun.

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