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A high-speed interface used to connect storage networks and computer clusters, introduced in 1999. Using switched, point-to-point channels similar to mainframes and also similar to PCI Express (switched version of PCI), InfiniBand is designed for fabric architectures interconnecting devices in local networks.

A Technology Merger
Supporting both copper wire and optical fibers and originally known as "System I/O," InfiniBand is a combination of Intel's NGIO (Next Generation I/O) and Future I/O from IBM, HP and Compaq. For more information, visit the InfiniBand Trade Association at See RDMA, PCI Express, NGIO and Future I/O.

   Data transfer rate is
   80% of signaling speed.

 Type           Number of(DR =          Bonded Channels data rate)     1x   4x   8x   12xSingle (SDR)   2.5   10  20   30

 Double (DDR)5   20   40   60

 Quad (QDR)10   40   80  120

 14 (FDR)14   56  112  168

 Enhanced (EDR)  26  104  208  312
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Thus, implementation of the highest-class InfiniBand architecture will increase throughput by twelve times or more.
Components of the InfiniBand architecture are scheduled to become commercially available later this year, while InfiniBand-enabled systems are expected in late 2001.
Products that pass testing gain inclusion in the IBTA Integrators' List which is designed to support data center managers, CIOs and other IT professionals with their planned deployments of InfiniBand architecture solutions.
The InfiniBand Architecture spec creates three different performance classes of link, known as 1x, 4x, and 12x.
The Nitro reference design has been developed to accelerate the time-to-market of production worthy OEM InfiniBand Architecture based blades using Mellanox's industry leading silicon," said Eyal Waldman, CEO at Mellanox.
This announcement represents another proof-point of the momentum for InfiniBand architecture in the HPC arena.
With our first goal completed, the OpenIB Alliance can now focus on the upper level protocols and APIs to ensure the wide adoption of the Infiniband architecture in data centers and clusters for high-performance, enterprise and grid computing," said Jim Ryan, marketing manager at Intel Corporation and chairman of the OpenIB Alliance.
Leading InfiniBand companies today announced the formation of the OpenIB Alliance, an industry association chartered to deliver a single open source Linux-based software stack for deploying InfiniBand architecture in compliance with the InfiniBand Trade Association interconnect standard.
Nasdaq:NTAP), the leader in advanced networked storage solutions for today's data-intensive enterprise, today announced its participation in the OpenIB Alliance, an industry association chartered to deliver a single open source Linux(R) software stack for deployment of the InfiniBand architecture.
The first cooperative ESAA "recipe" offering from Intel and InfiniCon, slated for June 2004 availability, will address the burgeoning HPC market opportunity that has emerged for standard, high-volume Intel-based servers and the high-bandwidth, low-latency InfiniBand architecture.
Leveraging the power of InfiniBand architecture, the InfiniCon fabric - comprised of high-performance, low latency switching systems and host channel adapters - provides a 10Gbps network to allow the clustered nodes to work in tandem.
The high bandwidth and low-latency attributes of the InfiniBand Architecture are exceptionally suited to match the demands of high performance computing - making it possible to design highly efficient, low-cost clusters from standards based, commodity components.