infinite loop

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infinite loop

(Or "endless loop") Where a piece of program is executed repeatedly with no hope of stopping. This is nearly always because of a bug, e.g. if the condition for exiting the loop is wrong, though it may be intentional if the program is controlling an embedded system which is supposed to run continuously until it is turned off. The programmer may also intend the program to run until interrupted by the user. An endless loop may also be used as a last-resort error handler when no other action is appropriate. This is used in some operating system kernels following a panic.

A program executing an infinite loop is said to spin or buzz forever and goes catatonic. The program is "wound around the axle".

A standard joke has been made about each generation's exemplar of the ultra-fast machine: "The Cray-3 is so fast it can execute an infinite loop in under 2 seconds!"

See also black hole, recursion, infinite loop.

infinite loop

A series of instructions in a program that are constantly repeated. Also called an "endless loop," it may be intentional such as a never-ending demo on screen, or it may be a bug. Due to erroneous program logic, the computer is directed to instructions that keep pointing back to the start of a routine without any way of branching out. It commonly occurs when a programmer expects certain results from a compare instruction and all possible outcomes are not evaluated properly. See abend and bug.

Apple Inc., 1 Infinite Loop
To imply the never-ending creation of products, Apple's headquarters are located at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California.
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Since Alexa needs to remind the user using the catchphrase which has a command with its name, it gets caught in an infinite loop and keeps on repeating the catchphrase again and again.
Caption: The Infinite Loop cocktail at Midnight Rambler in Dallas, made with unaged apple brandy, bourbon, Macintosh apple, lemon, mineral syrup, egg white, chamomile and hay essence, is described on the menu as "sour-based" and "apple.
The continuous polling operation is executed within an infinite loop in the main routine and therefore it is desirable that the infinite loop should not contain time-consuming functions like delay functions.
Firstly, we are going to make sure that the GIF plays on an infinite loop.
Hatred feeds the tension, so it creates an infinite loop that will carry on until one of the parties acts in a different way.
Our main campus on 1 Infinite Loop is our most famous.
Daniels points to the white cube's artificiality, its constructedness, suggesting that paintings are no more than props, and that within the gallery's "spaces of potential," we're all performers, caught in an infinite loop of rehearsals.
The root of the problem is far from clear, but Mac blogs are centring on a theory that the OS ends up in an infinite loop with Exchange mail servers, causing the battery to drain fast.
But then, the young but terminally ill protagonist, Ed, decides to spend his earthly fortunes on the kind of download Pearson foresees--so that after his death, his electronic brain can experience his 10 favorite memories on an infinite loop, all within the confines of a glowing box kept in a "forevertery.
Nashoba finished the qualifying rounds in 26th place, but the Robo Chief's ability to shoot and balance caught the attention of team 88, which was sixth ranked, and Nashoba was chosen to compete in the medal rounds, along with 2648, known as Infinite Loop.
We'd also love an invite from the folks on Infinite Loop in Cupertino.
Henry seems in despair about his bucket and Liza is full of the practical suggestions that provide the iterative stages of their infinite loop of difficulty with the bucket.