inflatable structure

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pneumatic structure

A very lightweight enclosed structure, usually fabricated of a membrane of an impervious material and supported by the difference in air pressure between the exterior and the interior of the structure rather than by a structural framework. Fans must maintain the interior pressure slightly in excess of normal atmospheric pressure to prevent the structure from slowly deflating and collapsing. Used primarily as a temporary enclosure or to house sports facilities such as tennis courts and swimming pools. Also called an air-supported structure.
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According to the organisers, the facility that will get going on next Friday will offer inflatable castle, inflata park, jumbo sized inflatable slide, inflatable maze, different rides, video and virtual reality games, amusement rides, education activities and live shows.
In the afternoon, special activities were held for children, such as coloring sessions, an LG inflatable castle, and even a dedicated Netflix viewing area, making it a fun-filled family affair that's not to be missed.
MARSHALL Mar 21-Apr 20 YOUR wife will give birth to a beautiful bouncing baby girl this week, right after going into labour inside an inflatable castle. Your lucky crooner is Chet Baker.
Or at Argos, you can splash out [pounds sterling]79.99 and get a whopping 10ft inflatable castle, complete with miniature slide.
Its priced is almost half the amount you'd pay at other high-street stores, withSmyths Inflatable Castle and Slidepriced at [pounds sterling]159.99.
During the festival, there will also be archery classes, an inflatable castle and the chance to have a go at jousting, a medieval photo booth and much more.
Other attractions included sea cadet and mountain rescue exhibitions, an inflatable castle, stalls, games and refreshments.
While there was a band playing in one corner for the adults, the children gravitated towards the inflatable castle like the proverbial moth to a flame.
Instead of a script, it comprises a planetarium and a 40-foot-tall inflatable castle.
The foundation also set up an inflatable castle at the school grounds for the children to play on.
With three brunch packages ranging from AED 295 (US $80) up to AED 495 ($135) brunch at Nomad also offers a range of children's entertainment including an inflatable castle, balloon-bending artist and face-painting station.