Influenza, Animal

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Influenza, Animal


an enzootic, contagious disease of swine, horses, ducks, and hens and other fowl. It is characterized chiefly by affection of the respiratory tract in swine, horses, and ducks and proceeding as a generally septic, acute disease in hens. Influenza viruses of animals belong to the genus Myxovirus influenzae, subgenus A, and include different species affecting roosters. ducks, horses, and swine. Animal influenza viruses differ from human influenza viruses in their hemagglutinating (capsular) V-antigens, but they share a common S antigen with human influenza A and manifest a complement-fixation reaction with one another.

Clinically, animal influenza is manifested by fever. poor general health. rhinitides, conjunctivites, and cough. The death rate is negligible. When animal influenza appears, the farm is quarantined, sick animals are isolated, and the premises and farm instruments are disinfected. The conditions of maintenance and feeding are improved. Specific treatment and prophylaxis have not been developed.


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