Information Innovation

Information Innovation

A group of companies with offices in Amsterdam and New York which acts as an information filter for the World-Wide Web. They analyse what happens in the Web community and organise the Web's information so that it is accessible and efficient to use.

Information Innovation provides:

"The Management Guide" - a guide for managers in the information age. The Guide consists of 22 parts, each concentrating on a particular technology or issue facing managers. Topics range from Artificial Intelligence and Telecommunications to Finance and Marketing. Each part contains references to additional valuable information, including CD ROMs, conferences, magazines, articles and books.

"The Hypergraphic Matrix" - a "hypergraphic" matrix of 250 graphics discussing the interrelationships between technology, change, business functions and specific industries.

"Dictionary" - the largest Internet dictionary on management and technology.

"The Delphi Oracle" - a comprehensive guide to the latest management ideas and issues. Over 500 articles and books have been read, analysed, rated and catalogued.

"Management Software" - a guide to software which is useful to managers. Both Web software, Internet software and commecial products are included in this guide.

"The Web Word" - an information service about the Web. It includes a regular newsletter and databases about Web resources, news, interviews with Web personalities and, of course, the most comprehensive guide to sites.

"Web Bibliography" - a guide to the latest Web information printed. Over 150 articles, magazines, market research reports and books are catalogued.

"The Power Launch Pad" - our own list of useful sites on the Web. Also includes links to our own lists of special subjects such as Finance, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Technology and so forth. E-mail: <>.
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Industry leaders are pursuing everything from technology and information innovation, to greater personnel and asset tracking in oilfield development in an effort to drive greater labor and material productivity.
from the outside in and the inside out." That comment reminded me that Route 128, Manhattan and Silicon Valley are not the only centers of information innovation.
* Tim Theriault, chief information innovation and improvement officer of Walgreens, will become executive vice president, global chief information officer at Walgreens Boots Alliance.
He holds a Bachelor's Degree from the Edinburgh Napier University, in Business Information Management, and a Master's Degree from the University of Ulster in E-business and Information Innovation.
Ukrainian institute for scientific-technical and economic information Innovation, 2013.
Mohammed Ghunaim from Egypt won the prize for Scientific Innovation, Saeed Ahmed Lotah from the UAE seized the Economic Innovation prize, the Kuwait Association for Arab Childhood Progress had the prize on Social Innovation, the National Center for puppet arts of Tunisia won the Information Innovation prize, and Abdullah Al-Muharraq, a plastic artist from Bahrain, won the prize on Arts Innovation.
"Lots of experts were skeptical that a solution could be produced at all let alone within the short timeframe," said Dan Kaufman, director of DARPA's information innovation office.
Denning is Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and director of the Cebrowski Institute for information innovation at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.
The second is Information Management (IM) Symposium's People's Choice Information Innovation Award, and the third is an award for Best Website Overall Content from the Internet Marketing Association.
Instilling change in a government bureaucracy is "insanely difficult" because government is used to operating in a certain way, said Zatko, head of DARPA's information innovation office.

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