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(Information Graphic) An illustration or chart that instructs or informs people. Infographics are used worldwide in every discipline from road maps and street signs to product ads. Theoretically, infographics are developed to make a subject easier to understand than by using only text; however, they are often created to make a subject less boring to read. See information visualization.

Text vs. Graphics
The points come across much better when the following text is rendered as an infographic:
*Brain at 20
*Lungs at 20
*Skin at 25
*Muscles at 30
*Hair at 30
*Eyes at 40
*Heart at 40
*Kidneys at 50
*Gut at 55
*Liver at 70

Much More Visceral
This infographic strikes home far more than the text alone. The Visme online presentation tool makes it easy to create eye-catching infographics. For more information, visit
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Information graphic diagrams were encouraged but not yet required as a component of the assessment.
One of the worst trends we've seen in the US is the decimation of too many information graphics positions -- entire departments in some cases -- leaving a number of papers with no one dedicated to this important work.
have opportunities to experience visually diverse examples of the same type of information graphic. Perceptual variability strengthens understanding (Dienes, 1964).
At the SND annual convention in Minneapolis this month, designers who judged the information graphics contest complained that in far too many entries the graphics overwhelmed the information.
He covers audience-centric editing, editors as leaders and managers, law and ethics, ethics, punctuation, improving sentences and using proper grammar, editing for the bigger picture, headlines, photography, information graphics, publication design, editing for news, social media, editing for public relations, and editing and marketing.
Political advertising includes endorsements, statements, declarations, or information graphics, appearing on any internet website, social network, blogging site, and micro-blogging site, which - taken as a whole - has for its principal object the endorsement of a candidate only, or which posted in return for consideration or are otherwise capable of pecuniary estimation.
Infographics are information graphics that visually convey information and data accumulations.
They discuss possible ways of work with offered videos, animation, information graphics; a methodological guide to use of IT tools and will suggest their additions.
The awards cover 17 categories, including Journalist of the Year, environment reporting, investigative reporting, reporting on women's issues, news photography, information graphics and editorial cartooning.
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"This is when we most frequently show the information graphics on-air.

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