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(Information Graphic) An illustration or chart that instructs or informs people. Infographics are used worldwide in every discipline from road maps and street signs to product ads. Theoretically, infographics are developed to make a subject easier to understand than by using only text; however, they are often created to make a subject less boring to read. See information visualization.

Text Vs. Graphics
The points come across much better when the following text is rendered as an infographic:
*Brain at 20
*Lungs at 20
*Skin at 25
*Muscles at 30
*Hair at 30
*Eyes at 40
*Heart at 40
*Kidneys at 50
*Gut at 55
*Liver at 70

Much More Visceral
This infographic strikes home far more than the text alone. The Visme online presentation tool makes it easy to create eye-catching infographics. For more information, visit
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Participants were asked to respond to qualitative and quantitative surveys at the start and end of the workshop to solicit previous exposure and potential use of the new software as well as the application of information graphics as a presentation tool in future work.
A primary goal of data visualization is to communicate information clearly and efficiently to users via the information graphics selected, such as tables and charts.
It even includes images such as the Bayeux Tapestry (10-11), which one would not necessarily think of as an early example of information graphics until reflecting on the structure of the tapestry--its depiction of the Norman invasion of England is narrated through 58 individual scenes, with text to support the images.
At a time when everyone is swamped by information it is necessary firstly to subject data to precise analysis and secondly to prepare it in an intelligent and appealing way," exclaims Information Graphics editor Sandra Rendgen in one of the book's four introductory essays.
In addition, we will argue that the increasing role of information graphics in the construction of mathematics items should be considered.
In information graphics, students need to be able to access the embedded information in order to solve the task (Diezmann & Lowrie, 2008).
Alongside web design, Headred also provide a wide range of graphic services, including designing and producing business stationery, exhibition displays, information graphics, marketing brochures and promotional material.
Science writer Usha Lee McFarling joined Weiss and--assisted by various editors, photographers, Web producers and the information graphics staff--developed a multimedia experience.
Fifty-six categories include many for print and online newsletters--for example, Newsletter Design, Newsletter Information Graphics, Newsletter General Excellence, B-to-B Website Publication of the Year, and E-Newsletter--Breaking News.
Publications Management Magnum Opus Awards honored Best's Review with a Silver Award in the Best News Story (editorial) category for "Disaster on the Wing" by David Pilla, an Honorable Mention in the Information Graphics category for "Back to Basics" by Lori Chordas in the July issue, and a Gold Award in the Best Supplement (design) category for The Guide to Understanding the Insurance Industry, which was sent to all Best's Review subscribers with the April 2005 issue.
Information Graphics and Visual Clues: Communicating Information Through Graphic Design.
Macanufo also won third place for Best Information Graphics; honorable mention in the Best Newspaper Design category; and honorable mention in the Best Information Graphics category.

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