information superhighway

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information superhighway

(Or "Infobahn", "Info Strada") The name coined by US Vice-president Al Gore in the early 1990s for the emerging high-speed global communications network capable of carrying voice, data, video, and other services around the world. These services use satellite, copper cable, optical fibre, cellular telecommunications, and are accessible via set-top boxes or suitably equipped computers.

See also National Information Infrastructure.

information superhighway

(1) A generic name for the Internet.

(2) A proposed high-speed communications system that was touted by the Clinton/Gore administration to enhance education in America in the 21st century. Its purpose was to help all citizens regardless of their income level. The Internet was originally cited as a model for this superhighway; however, with the explosion of the Web, the Internet became the information superhighway whether it was ready for it or not.

A Superhighway Below the Highway
Blacktop above, glass below. The backbone of the Internet is build on optical fibers, which have painstakingly been laid across the country and around the world starting in the 1970s and widely deployed in the 1990s. (Image courtesy of Metromedia Fiber Network.)
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But there is rather more in the melting pot here than retailers without a firm foothold on the information super-highway.
These write-offs were based on the Bell's claim that they were replacing older copper networks with a new information super-highway based on fiber optics.
Between bites of turkey and training his Aston Villa team, Little plans to log on to soccer's information super-highway.
But why should kids bright enough to be able to ``surf'' the information super-highway need to cheat in the first place?
A focal point of Madden's football knowledge gathering apparatus is his KVH TracNet Mobile High-speed Internet System, which equips him with broadband connections to the information super-highway while moving along the actual highway.
TENS of thousands of West Midlanders are jumping onto the information super-highway - to help find their career paths.
But there's a lot to be said for a few fixed points in life as the information super-highway extends its tentacles further across society - and one such landmark remains in rude health just up the road on the outskirts of Tamworth.
This fast, secure and private information super-highway, called WarpNET(TM), using ATM technology, will allow these deadline sensitive industries to move high resolution color images across networks at ultra high speeds.
But I understand fans will be able to link up with their heroes on the information super-highway from March 21- four days after the crunch Old Firm clash at Ibrox.
Finally, a bright cyber day dawns for US Government agencies and their contractors who want a high performance, low overhead, easy-to-use, secure communications solution for the information super-highway, thanks to this landmark development by Securit-e-Doc, Inc.
The information super-highway is a marvellous communication tool which has unfortunately also spawned tribes of social inadequates who get their kicks by preying on innocent fellow users.
True, the new library cannot, and should not, be divorced from the realities of the information super-highway.

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