Infrared Data Association

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Infrared Data Association

(standard, body)
(IrDA) A non-profit trade association providing standards to ensure the quality and interoperability of infrared (IR) hardware.

The association currently has a membership of over 160 companies from around the world, representing computer and telecommunications hardware, software, components and adapters.

IrDA typically uses direct infrared i.e. point-to-point, line-of-sight, one-to-one communications. The standards include: IrDA Data (SIR, FIR, VFIR), IrDA Control, and AIR.

Ports built to the above standards can be found in products such as PDAs, Palm devices, printers, desktop adapters, notebooks, and digital cameras.

IrDA Serial Infrared Interface.

Linux-IrDA support.
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Counterpoint Systems Foundry has released its new infrared software, which conforms to the Infrared Data Association recently established IrMC specifications.
Continuing its drive to provide solutions for Android devices, ACCESS also plans to launch a package of modules that comply with Japanese standards such as One-seg, a terrestrial broadcasting standard for digital TV, and communications protocol standards developed by the Infrared Data Association (IrDA).
The Infrared Data Association (IrDA) which establishes infrared standards that provide convenient wireless connectivity and the Visible Light Communications Consortium (VLCC) which is working on research, development, and the standardization of safe visible light communications (VLC) announce a cooperative agreement between the two organizations.
Chosen for their ability to quickly and securely implement new features and capabilities while consuming minimal power and board space, Altera's MAX IIZ CPLDs manage several peripherals in the P1200 handsets, including a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader, an Infrared Data Association (IRDA) sensor, a Bluetooth interface, and LED control.
He is a member of the advisory board for "The Green Sheet," a financial services publication; is a member of the Infrared Data Association, an international organization dedicated to creating and promoting low-cost, infrared data transfer standards; and is a member of the Electronic Check Council for NACHA, the leading electronic payments association organization.
The USB2232 extends SMSC's industry-first family of media device controllers, the first of which was the USB2230 controller (May, 2005), which combined flash media and infrared technology for data transfer of digital images from camera phones and other Infrared Data Association (IrDA) enabled devices.

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