Infrared Data Association

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Infrared Data Association

(standard, body)
(IrDA) A non-profit trade association providing standards to ensure the quality and interoperability of infrared (IR) hardware.

The association currently has a membership of over 160 companies from around the world, representing computer and telecommunications hardware, software, components and adapters.

IrDA typically uses direct infrared i.e. point-to-point, line-of-sight, one-to-one communications. The standards include: IrDA Data (SIR, FIR, VFIR), IrDA Control, and AIR.

Ports built to the above standards can be found in products such as PDAs, Palm devices, printers, desktop adapters, notebooks, and digital cameras.

IrDA Serial Infrared Interface.

Linux-IrDA support.
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The company developed the world's first IrDA-compliant (Infrared Data Association) IrFM software.
has announced the availability of an infrared (IR) Transceiver that combines IrDA (Infrared Data Association) compatibility with infrared remote control operation.
Similar processes are being followed with the Infrared Data Association and the Video Engineering Standards Association.
Users will be able to exchange data between the P935 and other devices compliant with the Infrared Data Association's standard (IrDA), such as a notebook or desktop PC or a Palm organiser, or to print to select IrDA-compliant printers.

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