Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology


(also IR technology), the branch of applied physics and technology that includes the development and application in scientific research, production, and the military of instruments whose operation is based on the use of infrared radiation and its physical properties.

Infrared technology includes instruments for the detection and measurement of infrared radiation, for observation and photography in the dark, for remote measurement of the temperature of heated bodies on the basis of their thermal radiation, and for concealed signaling and terrestrial and space communications; infrared sights and range finders; instruments for detecting land, naval, and air targets on the basis of their thermal infrared radiation (thermal direction finders and night vision instruments); and homing devices for projectiles and missiles. In a broader sense the development and design of infrared radiation receivers and sources (including the development of optical quantum generators in the infrared band), the development of light filters for isolating infrared radiation and of materials that are transparent in the infrared region of the spectrum, and the development of instruments for obtaining infrared absorption and emission spectra may also be classified as branches of infrared technology.


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The UK s sole distributor of Redwell infrared technology, Green Energy (EU), has decided to make the move into franchising.
Diversified technology and manufacturing company Honeywell (NYSE:HON) announced today that it is now flying an Enhanced Vision Systems infrared technology integrated with synthetic vision on a test aircraft to develop the future version of the SmartView synthetic vision.
The NRT findings are consistent with other studies performed by Nashville-based MSS in 2002 and TiTech VisionSort in Germany in 2004 using infrared technology.
The system, used with its associated software, features a combination of ultrasound and infrared technology to sense the location of pen-type devices hovering near the surface, which is not active.
The company's sensor is based on true dual wavelength infrared technology with no moving parts.
This on-line gauge uses proprietary near infrared technology to measure the thickness of ultra-thin film products down to 5 microns or less.

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