Infrared Technology

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Infrared Technology


(also IR technology), the branch of applied physics and technology that includes the development and application in scientific research, production, and the military of instruments whose operation is based on the use of infrared radiation and its physical properties.

Infrared technology includes instruments for the detection and measurement of infrared radiation, for observation and photography in the dark, for remote measurement of the temperature of heated bodies on the basis of their thermal radiation, and for concealed signaling and terrestrial and space communications; infrared sights and range finders; instruments for detecting land, naval, and air targets on the basis of their thermal infrared radiation (thermal direction finders and night vision instruments); and homing devices for projectiles and missiles. In a broader sense the development and design of infrared radiation receivers and sources (including the development of optical quantum generators in the infrared band), the development of light filters for isolating infrared radiation and of materials that are transparent in the infrared region of the spectrum, and the development of instruments for obtaining infrared absorption and emission spectra may also be classified as branches of infrared technology.


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As this heating technology has been associated with nearly 80% less smoke, along with minimized spattering, more and more residential electric grill will be integrated with advanced infrared technology in the upcoming years.
He said the radars use infrared technology which has no flash light but there's a speed detector operating even while the vehicle is moving in any weather conditions.
They are high-tech eyewear known as "active 3D glasses," and employ infrared technology Active 3D glasses are battery-operated shutter glasses that do what their name describes: they rapidly shutter open and closed, meaning that information meant for the left eye is blocked from the right eye by a closed (opaque) shutter.
DTS is one of the few infrared inspection providers to have the expertise to accurately scan high-temperature process heater tubes, DTS' engineers are familiar with the elevated temperatures, high pressures and metallurgy that make this type of inspection possible with infrared technology.
The film was shot with special infrared technology.The experimental film Sonja by Slovak director Maroscaron Mil#269iacutek shares the story of a woman, So#328a Zeliskovaacute.
The system includes multispectral capabilities, uses GPS and IS technologies to transmit data without line of sight, and has remote sensing capabilities and colour infrared technology to identify vegetation and natural resources.
What separates this product from past solutions is the infrared technology that identifies body heat in the apartment home.
WITH the latest infrared technology, the I-Master sensor recycling bin has been designed for effortless opening.
They survey the work, study it, photograph it with infrared technology, clean and restore it, and attempt to analyze the complex codes of imagery --the religious allusions, the eroticized violence, the references to heaven and hell--that make Bosch's work such a perverse tapestry of sin and transcendence.
Using Pyroelectric InfraRed technology, each sensor can instantly switch a single light or a group of lights from off to on or from a dimmed state to on when motion is detected.
* Infrared technology: This is used to differentiate between resin types by their IR absorption spectra.

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