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Ingemann, Bernhard Severin


Born May 28, 1789, in Torkilstrup, Falster Island; died Feb. 24, 1862, in Sorø. Danish writer. The son of a pastor.

Ingemann became a professor of Danish language and literature in 1822. His work was strongly influenced by German romanticism, especially by F. Novalis. The author of the melodramatic historical tragedy Masaniello (1815) and the sentimental tragedy Blanca (1816), Ingemann idealized the Middle Ages in such historical novels as Waldemar the Great and His Men (1824), Waldemar the Victorious (1826), Prince Otto of Denmark (1835), and Queen Margrethe (1836). He wrote romances, such as the cycle Holger Danske (1837), in the genre of knightly ballads, and the collections of religious poems Morning and Evening Hymns (1838) and Lyrical Psalms (1854). The novel Children of the Village (1852) presents an idyllic picture of the happy life of a man who rose from the people.


Samlede skrifter, parts 1–4. Copenhagen, 1845–57.
In Russian translation:
“Altarnyi obraz v Sore.” In Datskaia novella XIX-XX vv. Leningrad, 1967.


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Bernhard Severin Ingemann (1789-1862), a contemporary and close friend of the elder Grundtvig, was known for his poetry and historical novels that recall the greatness of Denmark's past.