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Dreams have an important institutional aspect among the people of the Ingessana Hills in the Republic of the Sudan, who take them with great seriousness. According to the Ingessana, dreams contain certain messages from components of a cosmology in which the sleeper is situated. Certain significant dreams are regarded as consequences of the activities of supernatural beings.

In general, Ingessana consider dreams as occasions on which ordinarily invisible beings, such as ghosts, ancestors, and gods, make demands, issue warnings, and instruct ordinary people. The messages from dreams may state what has to be done and express the intentions of the senders concerning the material well-being of the members of a household, the inhabitants of a territorial area, or the entire population of the hills. Through dreams, these beings usually demand certain rituals that can restore the relationship between them and human beings, and in some cases promote the restoration of the souls of children. “Restoring the souls of children” or “bringing back to the children their souls” constitutes a typical ritual carried out when the parents of a child who has suffered some frightening experience approach the local dream leader (always a woman), and ask her to restore the child.

Differences in the content of recollections of waking experiences and dream experiences can be attributed in part to the different capacities of certain types of dreamers. The images that ordinary people see while dreaming can be easily seen while awake by “doctor-diviners” and by people who are believed to have a “second sight.” These people can have dreams that ordinary people cannot experience, and even while awake are able to penetrate consciously beyond the normal spectrum of visibility to see ghosts.

Usually ordinary people consult a doctor-diviner in order to be enlightened about what appears obscure in their dreams. Since he is able to see in waking consciousness what an ordinary individual can see only in dreams, the doctor-diviner is authoritative on what the dream signifies. Also, the dreams of the men who are the hereditary custodians of certain temples are very important and have enormous social implications. The most feared dreams among the Ingessana, but also the most widespread of socially significant dreams, are those involving nengk, ghastly creatures that bring illness and death.

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The Movement attached a document belonging to Captain Tariq Gibril Mohamed from the intelligence of Ingessana sector of the Sudanese army.
It remains home to sizable minorities with distinct cultural heritages and languages, which still represent a considerable number of non-Muslim communities all over the Sudan, particularly Christian minorities of various denominations and followers of traditional African religions, such as the Copts, the Nuba and the Ingessana people, among many others.
Arabic was the most commonly spoken language among the staff and refugees but some of the older camp residents only spoke their tribal language of Ingessana or Jumjum, increasing the chances of miscommunication.
Des images satellitaires ont confirme que des attaques ont vise dans la premiere moitie de 2012 le district des Monts Ingessana, au Nil Bleu, oE est ne le dirigeant de la rebellion Malik Agar, a indique l'organisation de defense des droits de l'Homme dans un rapport de 74 pages.
The Sudanese are predominantly Arabic-speaking Muslims, though many also use a non-Arabic mother tongue--e.g., Nubian, Beja, Fur, Nuban, Ingessana, etc.
The inclusion of colloquial Sudanese--whether dialectical Arabic or non-Arabic idioms such as Nuba, Beja, Fur, Nuban, or Ingessana, to name a few--may therefore read as an implicit invitation to build up a post-independence collectivity.
Some Sudanese scholars perceive NATO-led international intervention in Darfur as a US tool to implement its strategy of creating a black African zone in Sudan extending from Darfur in the west and heading east, incorporating regions such as southern Sudan, the Nuba Mountains and the Ingessana bordering Ethiopia.
There are other areas of the North that also fit into Francis Deng's category of "awakening African groups in the north." in the northeast Beja people have been part of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) through the Beja Congress, while the people of the Ingessana Hills remain isolated and estranged from the regime in Khartoum.
In a statement extended to Sudan Tribune, the SPLA-N Agar General Commander, Ahmed al-Omda, said the attack means to retake the control of the in the gold-rich mountainous area of Kalgo which is part of the Ingessana Hills, about 32 kilometres south of the Blue Nile state capital of Ed Damazin.
Bau, is a rich grazing area, with unexploited resources in the Ingessana Hills and oil reserves in its west that cause some disputes over land ownership and resources.
Most of the 30 million Sudanese who live in this region are Arabic-speaking Muslims, though the majority also uses a non-Arabic mother tongue--e.g., Nubian, Beja, Fur, Nuban, Ingessana, etc.