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The Ingres we discover here is not an embittered reactionary railing against a modern culture of which he does not feel a part.
With Ingres VectorWise, we get the best of both worlds; we can now offer our customers a lower cost and better performing analytic database,"; continued Thuleweit.
In the BSS sector, Datamatics has already exhaustively tested Ingres VectorWise and has reportedly successfully achieved performance increases of up to 10x a[euro]" and in one case, even up to 70x a[euro]" over its existing database from a leading manufacturer.
The agreement also includes an undisclosed project to develop government services, for which Ingres will train government specialists.
The Ingres Icebreaker BI Appliance is a fully featured suite: the BI software resides on top of the company's Icebreaker foundation -- which consists of the Ingres 2006 database integrated with Linux -- and is powered by JasperSoft's open source BI suite.
Software developers can incorporate Ingres r3 into their solutions and distribute them freely as long as the Ingres source code is made available in accordance with CATOSL.
At the Met, the exhibition is arranged chronologically, which is not as simple an idea as it sounds, since as the informative wall texts remind us, Ingres (like Corot) had a remarkably long life--born in 1780 in Montauban, he died in Paris in 1867 at the age of eighty-six--that spanned some of the most dramatic political and aesthetic upheavals of France.
Driven by what he called "insatiable desire for glory," Ingres insisted he wanted to spend his time on grander themes-- mythologies, harem scenes, Bible narratives, and history subjects--and turned out numerous epical works in pursuit of that ambition.
As the young and admiring Picasso discerned, 'Ingres drew like Ingres and not like the things he drew'.
After consulting with the departments, the Computing Center purchased a campuswide license entitling it to not only install INGRES on all of the school's computers, but also to provide services, support and training to UT users.
Under the terms of the contract, Newtonville, MA based CLSI obtains a license to use the Ingres source code for the Ingres base product components, including the Ingres Database Manager, Ingres/Reports, Ingres/Query, Ingres embedded QUEL, and SQL for the C programming language.
Actian Corporation today announced that Pateric Software, a boutique custom software developer specializing in electric utility distribution switching operations, is combining Ingres 10S Geospatial with Quantum GIS to provide utility companies with a cost-effective mapping tool to help provide real time business value.