Ingrid Bergman

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Ingrid Bergman
BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden

Bergman, Ingrid

(bûrg`mən), 1915–82, Swedish actress, b. Stockholm. Specializing in portrayals of strong, dignified, and sophisticated women, Bergman was acclaimed for her performance in Joan of Lorraine (1946) both on stage and on screen (1949). Her most notable films include Intermezzo (1939), Casablanca (1942), Notorious (1946), Stromboli (1950) and, with director Ingmar BergmanBergman, Ingmar
(Ernst Ingmar Bergman) , 1918–2007, Swedish film and stage writer, director, and producer. Acclaimed by many as the greatest director of the second half of the 20th cent., Bergman made about 60 films in all.
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, Autumn Sonata (1978). She won Academy Awards for Gaslight (1944), Anastasia (1956), and Murder on the Orient Express (1974). She also won an Emmy Award (1982) for her portrayal of Golda MeirMeir, Golda
, 1898–1978, Israeli political leader, b. Kiev, Russia, originally named Golda Mabovitch. Her family emigrated to the United States in 1906, settling in Milwaukee. She became a school teacher and early involved herself in the Zionist labor movement.
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 in the made-for-television film Golda. Bergman was married to Roberto RosselliniRossellini, Roberto
, 1906–77, Italian film director and producer. He first received international attention in 1946 with Open City, which was made clandestinely during the Fascist period and became the key film of the neorealist movement.
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See her autobiography (1980); biography by C. Chandler (2007); L. J. Quirk, Films of Ingrid Bergman (1970).

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Ingrid Bergman said of Robert Donat after he died: "I think that not having worked for five years and having been an actor all his life, he was very happy that he had this film and that he was with people he knew loved him and with his own crowd again, that his last days were working days.
In her own special way, through the words of others--including daughters Isabella Rossellini and Pia Lindstrom, Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant, Federico Fellini, and Liv Ullmann, to name just some--Chandler gets to the heart of who Ingrid Bergman was, and why she will always be beloved as one of filmdom's truest stars.
A rejected epilogue for Ernest Hemingway's "For Whom the Bell Tolls," a 1941 letter from Ingrid Bergman and more than 20 letters from the 19-year-old Italian contessa he was in love with are among thousands of the author's documents Cuba is making available to outside scholars, reports AP (Nov.
Sweden has a long history of contributing to the international cinema scene, from Hollywood legends Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman to the influential director Ingmar Bergman.
Ingrid Bergman was blown out of the deal when her people asked for a location change.
Cuando en aquel 1947, el joven e incipiente disenador presento sus 90 creaciones en lo que la critica nombro el new look de entonces, nadie imagino que el modista preferido por Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman y Carolina de Monaco, se ganara a pulso (la firma, desde luego, porque el disenador fallecio en 1957 de un ataque al corazon) un lugar en el Museo Metropolitano de Nueva York.
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