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("Oh see!") A parallel logic language.

["Self-Description of Oc and its Applications", M. Hirata, Proc 2nd Natl Conf Japan Soc Soft Sci Tech, pp. 153-156, 1984].

center-to-center, on center

The distance between the center line of one element, member, part, or component (as a stud or joist) and the center line of the next.


(1) See overclock.

(2) (Optical Carrier) The transmission speeds in SONET/SDH networks. See SONET. See also DS.

SONET CIRCUITSOptical  Electrical    SpeedChannel  Channel      (Mbps)

 OC-1      STS-1        51.84
 OC-3      STS-3       155.52
 OC-3c     STS-3c      155.52
 OC-12     STS-12      622.08
 OC-12c    STS-12c     622.08
 OC-48     STS-48     2488.32
 OC-192    STS-192    9953.28
 OC-768    STS-768   39813.12

 OC  = Optical Carrier
 STS = Synchronous Transport Signal
   c = concatenated
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