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If the lawmakers think a stiffer antihazing law will put an end to physical initiation in fraternities, or make deaths or serious physical injuries from hazing a thing of the past, they're dreaming.
The start of initiation season is sometimes characterised by the mushrooming of illegal initiation schools all over the country by unscrupulous people who aim to make money from this important traditional practice.
Male initiations and initiation schools in South Africa have in preceding years been very harmful to the heath of initiates even resulting in death of initiates (Ndaki 2002).
A union spokesman said: "We are very clear that while social events for clubs and societies are an integral part of their activities, so-called initiation ceremonies are not.
For instance, in discussing terminology, she early on cites Mordecai Marcus, who divides initiation stories into three categories marked by their degree of success: 1) the successful initiation which reveals the protagonist's self-discovery, 2) "[t]he second, literal in-between case [which] takes the protagonist across the threshold of maturity and understanding, yet leaves him 'enmeshed in a struggle for certainty' and thus in limbo," and 3) the situation in which the protagonist is "on the threshold of maturity and understanding, though not sure whether to cross it" (8).
This emerging body of literature regarding informed trading prior to analysts' initiations has focused mainly on the stock market.
The model assumes that ART initiations below the targeted steady-state threshold are initiations in patients with [CD4.
Video modeling has been shown as an effective tool to teach children and adolescents with autism conversational speech (Charlop & Milstein, 1989), socially expressive behavior (Charlop, Dennis, Carpenter, & Greenberg, 2010), perspective taking (Charlop-Christy & Daneshvar, 2003), social initiations (Buggey, 2005; Nikopoulos & Keenan, 2003, 2004), as well as play skills (Nikopoulos & Keenan, 2003, 2004).
If teams have been doing initiations for as long as anyone can recall, how do they know that members would not be even more spirited without them?
Third, they believe that viewing the total process of Christian initiation wherein all the necessary elements, including responsible faith-commitment, offers the most promising path toward the mutual recognition of baptism, and that this very fact underlines BEM's "arguable ambiguity" in its references to "baptism.
Initiations in modern contexts have taken different forms, but maintain similar purposes.
For primary tillers, the spikelet primordium initiations of T1 and T2 were similar to that of the MS.

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