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inkjet printer

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A class of printer in which small ink droplets are sprayed electrostatically from a nozzle onto the paper.

Inkjet printers are very quiet in comparison to impact printers.

A popular example is the Olivetti BJ10.

inkjet printer

A printer that propels droplets of ink directly onto the medium. Today, most inkjet printers are color printers that use four inks packaged in separate cartridges: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK. The four "CMYK" cartridges are individually replaced, but beware single CMY cartridges, because when any one color runs out, the entire cartridge must be replaced. Inkjet printers run the gamut from less than a hundred to a couple hundred dollars for home use to thousands of dollars for commercial poster printers. See inkjet cartridge.

Consumables Add Up
Low-cost inkjet printers wind up costing more than many people realize because the cost of ink cartridges add up over time. It is prudent to purchase the extra-large cartridges if available.

Resolution Quality
For resolution quality, look at a text sample, not graphics. Graphics always look better than text. For color quality, be sure that samples from different models are printed on the same kind of paper. Coated specialty papers, although costly, greatly improve the printed results because they do not absorb the ink like regular copy paper. See solid ink printer, IRIS printer, printer and ink coverage.

First Inkjet Technology
The nozzle sprayed continuous droplets onto the paper or into the gutter. The nozzle synchronized the ink from the pump, while the charging tunnel selectively charged the ink into the gutter. The uncharged ink reached the paper.

Drop on Demand Printheads
In the thermal drop on demand method used by HP and Canon, ink droplets are forced out of the nozzle by heating a resistor, which causes an air bubble to expand. Epson uses a piezoelectric technique that charges crystals and expands the bubble.

Letter Size
The majority of desktop inkjet printers support standard letter-size or legal-size paper; however, printers that handle larger paper are widely available. This is one of HP's earlier DeskJets, which popularized the inkjet printer and helped bring prices down for the home and small business. (Image courtesy of Hewlett-Packard Company.)

Wide-Format Printers
Inkjet printers like these in VUTEk's datacenter have revolutionized the printing industry, enabling large, attractive graphics to be created one at a time. Such machines support up to eight colors and can print on a variety of media, including vinyl and textiles. (Image courtesy of VUTEK, a division of Electronics for Imaging, Inc.,
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Among the three broad segments within the ink jet ink category-industrial, office and wide format-wide format is expected to experience the most growth.
In a review of ink jet printing for graphics applications, Le defined the technology as follows; "Ink-jet is a non-impact dot-matrix printing technology in which droplets of ink are jetted from a small aperture directly to a specified position on a media to create an image (1).
Early attempts to place traceable marks on uncured rubber with ink jet printers In the mid 1990s there were notable attempts by several ink jet printer manufacturers to mark uncured rubber with pigmented ink.
XenJet, Xennia's new ink jet division, will provide a range of ink jet print engines and production printers, available as stand-alone units or for integration onto customers' production lines.
Most ink jet papers sold today are uncoated, multipurpose papers for use on copiers, laser and ink jet printers," he said.
Analysts place ink jet wide format market's growth between 10 to 20%.
From its humble origins only several years ago, ink jet refillers, reclaimers, remanufacturers and recyclers have exploded.
In recent years, Canon has been an international leader in transforming ink jet printing from a low-resolution technique to an affordable, high-quality technology suitable for business applications.
For those applications that do not require a printed label, ink jet printing is making its own mark for several reasons.
The HP release is the latest in an industry trend of marketing color ink jet printers capable of producing photo-realistic images.
and Jetrion LLC introduced a breakthrough innovation in high quality printing for metal packaging--the world's first high-resolution, full color, digital ink jet printed can.