Inland Waters

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Inland Waters


in international law, inland waterways (rivers, canals, lakes, and reservoirs found in a given state) and seas that are bordered on all sides by land belonging to only one state (for example, the Aral Sea in the USSR). Seaports and external and internal roads and bays whose shores belong to one state are also considered inland waters. A gulf falls into the category of inland waters if the width of its entrance is not more than 24 miles and its shores belong to one state (Geneva Convention of 1958 on Territorial Seas and Adjacent Zones, part 4, p. 7). The policy of inland waters also applies to so-called historical gulfs such as the Bay of Biscay.

Inland waters are completely under the jurisdiction of the states surrounding them; regulations for navigation and fishing are established by the laws of the state. Vessels of foreign governments are admitted into inland waters only under international agreements. The adjoining state also establishes policies for seaports, rules for foreign ships’ entering them, and so forth.


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Largemouth bass in this study appeared to move farther and more quickly after being displaced than those in inland waters.
The Philippines is an archipelago, and has an expansive coast as well numerous as inland water bodies.
DAVAO CITY -- The future Bangsamoro entity would not have sole jurisdiction over its inland water sources that flow into areas outside of it, according to government chief negotiator Miriam CoronelFerrer, citing the contents of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro and the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law.
Continuing to present the opinion that the legal position is clear in relation to access to inland water is similarly polarised.
While inland waters represent only 1 percent of the Earth's surface, their contribution to the carbon cycle is disproportionately large, underestimated, and not recognized within the models on which the Kyoto protocol was based," according to Dr.
In 2008, 14,551 coastal bathing areas and 6,890 bathing areas in inland waters were monitored.
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents is cautioning people against swimming in inland waters and advising them to stick to supervised swimming pools and beaches.
I learned about the skills and methods used by shipbuilders and experienced at first-hand the troubles ailing the yard, " said Patricia, whose exhibition, Inland Waters, goes on display at Manchester's Whitworth Gallery next week.
Altogether, there were 552 drownings - 332 in inland waters like rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs and canals.
Signatories to a convention on biological diversity will adopt a resolution calling for global efforts to conserve the biological diversity of inland waters at a meeting in Slovakia next month, Environment Agency officials said Wednesday.

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