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(1) (I-frame) A keyframe in interframe compression. I-frames are fully intact video frames, from which subsequent frames are derived. See interframe coding.

(2) A digital video format from Apple. See Apple iFrame.

(3) (Inline FRAME) An HTML structure that allows another HTML document to be inserted into an HTML page. The iFrame is set up as a window frame of a specified size that scrolls along with the rest of the page, but the iFrame's content can itself be scrolled if it is larger than the iFrame window.

Unlike the regular HTML frames function, which is used to divide the screen into multiple windows, the iFrame is typically used to insert an ad or small amount of text in the middle of a page. See frames, XFrames and HTML.

An iFrame in a Frame
The HTML frames feature divides the screen into partitions, but the iFrame is an independent frame that would scroll off the screen like any text or graphics on the page.
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The first security update should arrive at the end of January 2018 and blocks URL redirects via inline frames. Later, Chrome will block tab-under behaviors and misleading user interface elements.
via so-called "inline frames," html elements which allow for the display of content from other web sites as independent media documents within another web site.
The scripton "Sharon" contains the heading "Sharon Stone says earthquake in China could have been karma." This scripton is the result not only of the underlying texton on Turner's web site but also of three further textons whose projections are embedded in inline frames within the text.
YouTube, for instance, does not allow the embedding of its videos in inline frames any longer and tries to control this by running a JavaScript on their websites.
Best Kiteboarding even found a new method of tailoring the NetSuite Web Store to allow customers to configure their custom kiteboarding rig on fewer screens using inline frames and the NetSuite product matrix.
Often these adverts are inserted using inline frames which are not handled well by some speaking and text only browsers.