Inner Hebrides

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Inner Hebrides,

Scotland: see Hebrides, theHebrides, the
, Western Isles,
or Western Islands,
group of more than 50 islands, W and NW Scotland. Less than a fifth of the islands are inhabited. The Outer Hebrides
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Luing cattle are a beef breed developed on the island of Luing in the Inner Hebrides.
What geological feature on the island of Staffa, Inner Hebrides, was the inspiration for a Mendelssohn overture?
A police officer is braving the freezing temperatures of the Scottish Inner Hebrides when he takes part in a 30-mile challenge.
The neighbouring islands of Coll and Tiree, the outermost of the Inner Hebrides, are not much larger than Colonsay, but they differ greatly in aspect and atmosphere.
JM Barrie Eilean Shona, Inner Hebrides HOLIDAY READING: Peter Pan.
Residents on Colonsay in the Inner Hebrides couldn't call their GPs' mobiles after the Vodafone signal went down on October 7.
Scotland has more than 790 offshore islands, most of which are to be found in four main groups – Shetland, Orkney and the Hebrides, sub–divided into the Inner Hebrides and Outer Hebrides.
A team from Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and Exeter University attached small tags to the fins of sharks swimming around the islands of Tiree and Coll in the Inner Hebrides this summer.
Take the coast road from Arisaig to Morar to see otherworldly white sand beaches with perfect views across the turquoise water to the 'Small Isles' of the Inner Hebrides in the distance.
Before September's gruelling challenge, the men will swim in the Lake District and take a trip to Scotland's Inner Hebrides.
Here he's off to the nutrient-rich waters around the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides, searching for marine and coastal wildlife.
He begins his journey on the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides.