Innokentii Gizel

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Gizel’, Innokentii


Born circa 1600; died Nov. 18 (28), 1683. Ukrainian historian, writer, and political and religious figure.

Gizel’ was of Prussian extraction, but he converted to Orthodoxy. He was rector of Kiev College and in 1656 became archimandrite of the Kievo-Pecherskaia Laura (monastery). He supported the reunification of the Ukraine and Russia but also defended the autonomy of the Ukrainian clergy. The compilation of Synopsis (1674) has been ascribed to Gizel’, but some investigators deny his authorship.


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(15) Indeed, Russia had yet to discover its own past and relied almost exclusively on translations or adaptations of foreign narratives, such as Innokentii Gizel's Sinopsis (1674), a summary history of Rus' that was widely read well into the 19th century.
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For a collection of articles assessing Gizel' and his ideas, see Innokentii Gizel', Vibrani tvory, ed.