Inoculations Free of Charge: Help Depopulate the Planet

The following article is from Conspiracies and Secret Societies. It is a summary of a conspiracy theory, not a statement of fact.

Inoculations Free of Charge: Help Depopulate the Planet

Regardless of the urgency of the public announcement, be certain you know who’s giving you or your children the needle.

In the past couple of decades it has seemed as though medical science is losing the war against a terrible onslaught of new plague-like diseases. The horrible AIDS virus is virtually decimating some third-world nations. The hanta virus shocks the Southwest when those infected die within a few hours—and the nation reels when outbreaks of the virus begin appearing in other regions. Newspaper accounts of bacterial infections that can literally eat away a victim’s flesh, with the face, arm, or leg being devoured in less than a day, leave us recoiling with fear and apprehension and becoming greatly concerned about our own health and welfare.

And wouldn’t our fear turn to outrage if we were to learn that such awful plagues as these were the result of a secret agency’s deliberate plan to depopulate our planet? One of the New World Order’s mandates is to decrease the world’s population by billions so that the elite have to manage only enough people to serve as their servants and slaves. What better way to start than to inject poisons into soldiers, who must obey the orders to receive inoculations, and schoolchildren, who innocently line up for their shots, gritting their teeth and bearing the pain to win their teachers’ approval.

Since receiving vaccinations before going to the Persian Gulf in 1990, approximately 250,000 of the soldiers who served there have suffered from puzzling, often tragic, mild to life-threatening or even fatal physical or psychological illnesses with a characteristic disease profile or spectrum that began during their Gulf stay or just after the war. Other nations’ troops in the Gulf who were not given vaccinations did not come down with “Gulf War syndrome.” How many dangerous pathogens or nanobacteria delivered by physically dangerous carriers were in those vaccines made by greedy medical exploiters?

It seems that the government ignores the complaints of its military. It has been slow in recognizing Vietnam vets’ medical and psychological problems resulting from Agent Orange and posttraumatic stress. At the same time, the government continues to close Veterans Administration hospitals and has minimized pay and combat benefits.

According to Dr. Alan Cantwell Jr., another AIDS-like disease is spreading among military personnel who served in the Persian Gulf War. Reports of this new mystery illness occurring in Gulf War vets began in the spring of 1992. Symptoms included chronic fatigue, muscle aches, swollen and painful joints, aching teeth and gums, memory loss, and fevers.

Although the war itself ended in 1991, by 1994 military officials admitted that as many as 20,000 or more of the 700,000 troops who served in that conflict were exhibiting results of a strange disease that came to be known as the Gulf War syndrome. Many of those afflicted blamed the experimental vaccines that had been injected into their persons with the express goal of protecting them against anthrax, nerve gas, and other biological warfare agents suspected to be used by the troops of Saddam Hussein. Others blamed the inhalation of toxic fumes from the Kuwait oil fires or unknown chemical agents.

But this new mystery disease, according to military sources, is affecting U.S. troops who were hundreds of miles away from the area in northern Iraq where chemical detection teams recorded low-level amounts of bio warfare agents.

If this is so, then what could be causing sickness in an undisclosed number of formerly healthy men and women? What could be causing the wives of certain of these servicemen to be experiencing miscarriages or the birth of deformed babies?

One Alabama veteran of the Persian Gulf conflict has stated that up to two-thirds of all reserve units came back with some symptoms of the mystery illness. Many of these personnel blame Iraqi Scud missiles that were laced with chemical agents and some kind of manmade virus. And they believe that the U.S. government is covering up knowledge of the agents of bio warfare that are wreaking havoc and terrible suffering among the veterans of that war.

Dr. Cantwell reports that some of the vets with the mysterious new disease served in the war zone for months, others for as little as nine days. A pattern is difficult to determine in seeking a cause for the illness, for the plague has affected troops who were stationed in widely scattered geographic areas of the war. The single factor common to all troops involved in the campaign is that they were all given experimental drugs and vaccines as part of the requirement to serve in the Gulf.

Unfortunately, as Cantwell observes, the U.S. military has a long history of conducting covert medical experiments on its own personnel, as well as unknowing civilians. Dozens of secret, planned bioattacks were perpetrated on American cities during the 1950s and 1960s—the most notorious being a six-day bioattack on San Francisco in which the military sprayed massive clouds of potentially harmful bacteria over the entire city.

Perhaps most injurious of all experiments conducted on an unwitting public were the detonations of nuclear bombs at test sites in Nevada and elsewhere that sent massive clouds of radiation across the nation.

When mind-altering drugs were developed in the 1950s, Cantwell reminds us, the military secretly gave them to enlisted men, a conscienceless act that resulted in a number of deaths.

Certain watchdog groups have recently charged secret government groups with conspiring to institute a policy of global population control by giving children deadly vaccines during mandatory vaccination programs. According to these investigators, these vicious vaccines have not only caused seizures, brain damage, and death, but they have also been responsible for the unprecedented rise in criminal activity and violent crimes among children. The recent rash of shootings in grade schools and high schools are a direct result of the effects of these injected chemicals on susceptible young brains.

Many serious-minded observers of the current world scene believe that shadow agencies in governments throughout the globe have joined the New World Order’s plot to depopulate the planet by secretly spreading diseases among the masses. Some even accuse the United Nations and its World Health Organization of utilizing viruses created in the U.S. Army’s biological weapons laboratories to deliberately infect entire populations in Africa, Haiti, and elsewhere with the AIDS virus.

If such a horrible scenario of world depopulation bears the slightest truth, then we must wonder about such diseases as West Nile fever, the Ebola virus, and mad cow disease. And we must also wonder if the government warnings of the potential of terrorist attacks spreading biological and chemical death among us are part of a insidious program to condition us for the unimaginable horror to come.

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