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a village in western Anatolia (Turkey). During the Greco-Turkish War of 1919–22, Turkish forces under the command of İsmet Paș§a (İnönü) gained victories over Greek interventionists near this village. The battles took place in 1921 on January 10 and March 31.

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After Johnson's letter, Inonu commented that, if this was the NATO perception of solidarity, a new global security order would emerge and that Turkey would find its place in this new order.
Sukru Gungor, Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition, Inonu University School of Medicine, Malatya, Turkey
Muhammet Gokhan Turtay, Department of Emergency Medicine, Inonu University School of Medicine, Malatya, Turkey
(2) inonu University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Cardiology, Malatya, Turkey
Ambassador Garnier said that CHP leader ismet Inonu, Nation Party (MP) leader Osman Bolukbasi and Freedom Party (HP) leader Fevzi Lutfi Karaosmanoglu had made attempts in this regard but they had not given rise to an alliance.
Ford Otosan, in a statement late on Monday, said it had stopped production at the Inonu plant as a precautionary measure after some of the workers who had been on strike did not leave the plant.
It's being built on the same land as the historic Inonu Stadium where Liverpool lost 2-1 back in 2007.
Bu basliklar Ataturk doneminden baslayarak (1922-1938) sirasiyla Inonu donemi (1938-1950), Menderes donemi (1950-1960), Askeri vesayet donemi (1960-1973), Ecevit ve Milli Cephe donemi (1973-1980), 12 Eylul donemi (1980-1987), Ozal donemi (1987-1993), Koalisyonlar donemi (1993-1999), Avrupa Birligi ekseninde dis politika donemi (1999-2002), AK Parti donemi (2002-2009) ve Davutoglu donemi (2009-2013) seklindedir.