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C10H12N4O5 A compound occurring in muscle; a hydrolysis product of inosinic acid.



(hypoxanthine riboside), a nucleoside consisting of the nitride purine base hypoxanthine and the carbohydrate ribose. Inosine is the intermediate product of nucleic acid metabolism. It is formed in the organism during the deamination of adenosine and also by synthesis from a free base according to the reaction hypoxanthine + ribose- 1 -phosphate ⇆ inosine + phosphate. This reversible reaction is catalyzed by the enzyme nucleoside phosphorylase.

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The results of both techniques compare rather well for most of the metabolites, although rather large discrepancies were observed for uracil, thymine, inosine, deoxyinosine, and deoxyguanosine.
The Company's research and pre- clinical programs include, Inosine for the treatment of spinal cord injury and stroke, Oncomodulin for the treatment of ocular injury and disease and research programs directed at a number of regenerative therapies including bone repair.
Structure and mechanism of inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase in complex with the immunosuppressant mycophenolic acid.
Cloning and sequence analysis of the human and Chinese hamster inosine 5'-monophosphate dehydrogenase cDNAs.
PD patients should not self-medicate with inosine (which is commercially available), researchers warn, as it has not been proven as a therapy for Parkinson's and high doses can cause side effects such as gout and kidney stones and possibly high blood pressure.
Therefore, the results of this study suggest that BL may have a desirable flavor because of higher IMP and inosine contents, which might have resulted in a superior taste score than that for the other chicken types in the sensory test.
Inactivation of peroxynitrite in multiple sclerosis patients after oral administration of inosine may suggest possible approaches to therapy of the disease.
In this reaction the first step, where adenosine plus water is converted to inosine and ammonia by ADA, is the same.
The structure, activity, and mechanisms of inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase, a central enzyme of purine biosynthesis, are explained.
Inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase (IMPDH) [3] is the rate-limiting enzyme in de novo synthesis of guanine nucleotides.
Similar experiments with germination mutants, gerI5 and gerL1, which lacked inosine and L-alanine receptors, respectively, demonstrated: 2.
A new study indicates that Inosine, a naturally occurring chemical, can induce axon (nerve fiber) growth within the brain and spinal cord, and thereby improve motor function after stroke in animal models.