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REALVIZ is one of many start-up companies spun off from INRIA in the field of image processing that relate to medical imaging, search engines for images on the web, 3D triangulation technology applied to CAD, the audiovisual sector, etc.
The conference is sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN (Programming Languages), ACM SIGARCH (Computer Architecture), the International Federation for Information Processing's Technical Committee 2, and INRIA.
PARIS, ELANCOURT, ROCQUENCOURT & VERSAILLES, France -- Esterel Technologies, the leading worldwide provider of model-based development solutions for critical systems and software, Inria, the largest French public research body dedicated to digital science and technology, Prove & Run, a startup focused at democratizing secure development methodologies and Trusted Labs, a global expert in consulting and evaluation security services, have announced the launch of a collaborative project, CEEC, aimed at producing a new software development methodology that will accelerate the certification of products that require very high levels of security.
The Binocle team and Frederic Devernay from INRIA have been collaborating for six years in order to achieve these developments.
Working with our French collaborator, INRIA, we will demonstrate how an autonomous vehicle can cooperate with a human-driven vehicle using Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) to share sensor data in a pedestrian warning and avoidance system," said SwRI Intelligent Vehicle Systems Manager Ryan Lamm.
Operated under the dual authority of the French Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Industry, INRIA plays a major role in technology transfer, training, research and development, and scientific and technical information dissemination.
About LTU Technologies - Founded in 1999 by veteran scientists of MIT, Oxford and INRIA, LTU Technologies provides mission-critical software for search, retrieval and classification of images and videos.
Contract award notice: Maintenance of the technical installations of the building alan turing, Headquarters of the research center inria saclay-ile-de-france (france-palaiseau: Repair and maintenance services)
Medioni was a visiting scientist at INRIA Sophia Antipolis in 1993 and Chief Technical Officer of Geometrix, Inc.
The founding companies of the Numerical Mathematics Consortium -- which include INRIA, Maplesoft, Mathsoft recently acquired by PTC (Nasdaq:PMTC), and National Instruments (Nasdaq:NATI) -- established the organization in 2005 to create a specification that facilitates reuse and portability of numeric algorithms.