inrush current

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lamp inrush current

The initial surge of current when an incandescent filament lamp is turned on; may be as much as 50 times the rated current and may last several tenths of a second for high-wattage lamps.
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This data is relevant for inrush current determination.
While the LED lamp may only draw 10 watts continuously, it may have a start-up inrush current or repetitive current during every half-cycle that makes it appear much worse.
High inrush current (Is) withstand capability (up to 400 Ir) and high overcurrent (Imax) withstand capability (up to 1.
The AAT1265 also adds a variety of safety features to preserve the integrity of the device including short-circuit and over-current protection, inrush current limit, and soft start.
Ametherm (Carson City, NV) announced that its SURGE-GARD[TM] series of NTC inrush current limiting thermistorshas received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification per UL file number E209153.
The 5040 has three programmable memories for test setup recall and features such as overcurrent fold back, overload current capacity, and an inrush current rating of four times the maximum current.
These devices also are designed to provide system protection by intelligently limiting any inrush current that might damage equipment.
Smaller inrush current limiters designed for space-sensitive applications
Other specifications include inrush current limit, over voltage protection, and over current protection.
The MG Series is designed for a variety of uses such as voltage division, circuit protection, inrush current limiting, and any other high impedance requirements.