inrush current

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lamp inrush current

The initial surge of current when an incandescent filament lamp is turned on; may be as much as 50 times the rated current and may last several tenths of a second for high-wattage lamps.
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The excitation current increases sharply and forms magnetizing inrush current where amplitude [i.sub.p] may be up to 6-8 times the rated current.
Having in mind that the inrush current is a stochastic variable dependent upon uncertain parameters, the algorithm has been tested by signals obtained in two different ways.
NEMA Premium sets standards for temperature, torque, inrush current, power factor and overall design parameters.
The PWR-01 also is equipped with a soft-start function that limits the inrush current, minimizing any harmful effects to DUTs such as DC motors.
Current transformer saturation caused by the long-lasting inrush current can decrease the second harmonic content, potentially causing the second harmonic restraint algorithm to fail [8-10].
* ASGATE FET control, which actively controls inrush current to prevent FET damage.
5X thinner than traditional 1U power supplies, Vicor's PFM AC-DC converters integrate system functions including EMI filtering, transient protection and inrush current limiting to reduce design time and design risk.
The waveshape, magnitude and duration of the transformer magnetizing inrush current are dependent on several factors, among them are the remanent flux and initial phase of the voltage at the instant of switch-on [13],[16].