insider trading

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insider trading,

stock market transactions made with knowledge of nonpublic information about corporate activity. In the United States, it has been illegal since 1934. The Securities and Exchange CommissionSecurities and Exchange Commission
(SEC), agency of the U.S. government created by the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and charged with protecting the interests of the public and investors in connection with the public issuance and sale of corporate securities.
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 regards it as unfair to investors who are not privy to such information. Several insider trading scandals shook Wall Street in the mid-1980s.
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And they love to talk and complain about what they believe are inside dealings going on at City Hall.
Jahangiri, appointed by executive order as the lead investigator into inside dealings, said billions of dollars had been deposited into Zanjani's offshore bank to pay shadowy oil contractors.
We are poised to promote good corporate governance as well as prevent inside dealings and abuse in the market," he said.